Since the first generation, psychic type Pokemon have been among the best and most powerful in the Pokedex. Even after the introduction of dark- and Steel-type Pokemon, Psychic-type is still considered one of the best types available to the ambitious trainer.

But which psychic Pokemon are the best of the best? Which ones should you include in your party?


Never fear, we’re here to help. We’ve put together this list of the 8 best Psychic-type Pokemon just for you:

8. Mew

This adorable little creature is a first generation Pokemon and one of the most famous. Its notoriety may be due to its appearance in the first Pokemon movie, due to its mysterious descriptions across the game series, or due to the fact that it is perhaps the most difficult of all Pokemon to obtain.

According to game lore, Mew is thought to be the ancestor of all Pokemon, containing all of the DNA present across the whole species.

And that is what makes Mew so powerful. Its stats are nothing spectacular – although higher base stats across the board make it one of the best all-rounders in the game – but Mew claims its place among the most powerful in its ability to learn any HM or TM move (with some exceptions).


The flexibility this affords the trainer can be advantageous, as you can build Mew as a glass cannon attacking force or a defensive tank that takes an age to take down.

7. Gardevoir

Making its first appearance in the third generation, Gardevoir quickly became a fan favourite for a few reasons.

First, its strange, artsy appearance makes it one of the best looking Pokemon – and, well, sometimes it’s nice to have Pokemon that look nice as well as win battles. Fortunately, Gardevoir also remains as one of the best Psychic-type Pokemon, at home in any roster.

This is because of its remarkable high Special ATK stat. When using moves of its own type, Gardevoir can shred through its opponents like a knife through butter. As a pure attacking force of a strong type, this boosted Special ATK stat is crucial, especially in competitive play.

In addition, Gardevoir is one of the Pokemon who has the ability to Mega Evolve, adding yet another dimension to a very powerful Pokemon.

6. Metagross

Also appearing in the third generation, Metagross shares Gardevoir’s ability to Mega Evolve – but the results are even more powerful.

Metagross is already blessed with high attack and defence stats, but after Mega Evolution, these stats go all the way through the roof, then through the sky, out into the stratosphere and probably even further.

In addition, it has powerful typing. It is dual typed psychic and steel, which means that it has resistance or immunity to ten types of move, while it only has a weakness to four. In other words, it is rare for Metagross to not fit perfectly into any lineup.

People have said in lore that Metagross has four brains and is smarter than any supercomputer ever made. Whatever the truth of it, picking Metagross is a genius move.

5. Tapu Lele

A relative latecomer in the series, Tapu Lele appears in the seventh generation of Pokemon. It is dual typed as psychic and fairy and is one of the four deity Pokemon that appear in Sun & Moon.

Tapu Lele’s power comes from its incredible learned move set, which includes Psychic and Moonblast, as well as its ability which boosts the power of all Psychic-type moves in battle from the moment it steps into the fray.

Tapu Lele was once considered one of the best in the competitive scene, but has since fallen out of favour a little and is considered now to be the second tier. The second tier is still very powerful, however, and many disagree with its demotion.

4. Hoopa Unbound

Hoopa is a Ghost-type Pokemon that first appeared in the sixth generation, but we’re not interested in Hoopa further than the fact that it is one of the few Pokemon that has an alternate form.

Hoopa’s alternate form – Hoopa Unbound – transforms the Ghost-type Pokemon into a powerful Psychic-type.

This type of transformation means that it is only weak against the rare bug-type moves and Fairy-type moves, making it a solid candidate against an unknown line up. Add in the incredible moves of this beast, and you have a top-tier Pokemon that has very few rivals.

In the Pokedex, Hoopa Unbound is said to have once carried an entire castle away to get at its treasure. As a part of your line up, Hoopa Unbound is sure to carry a battle or two for you, too.

3. Deoxys

This legendary Psychic-type Pokemon first appeared in the third generation and comes in four different forms.

It is these forms that give it its incredible strength, as they provide a significant boost to already high stats.

The four forms it can take are Attack, Speed, Defence and Normal. All four forms are considered top tier in competitive play, though Attack and Speed are used most prominently.

With another fantastic move list capable of shredding through legions of Pokemon, Deoxys is a powerhouse Pokemon that can serve as the idol around which the rest of the team is gathered. With the flexibility to fill any role, you can build that team in whichever way you please.

According to the Pokedex, Deoxys was formed by a virus mutating in space. Luckily for the trainer with a Deoxys at his side, there is no known vaccine that can keep this former virus from decimating their Pokemon.

2. Alakazam

For number two on our list, we’re going back to old school with the formidable Alakazam.

The twice evolved form of Abra made its appearance in the very first generation as a pure Psychic-type Pokemon, which it remains to this day. When Mega Evolution was introduced, Alakazam benefited from gaining its own Mega form.

In competitive play, Alakazam and Mega Alakazam appear in the top tiers of Pokemon.


Its strength comes from its incredible move set and its single typing. It is weak only to Bug, Dark and Ghost Pokemon, which are among the most difficult to come by. For this reason, as well as the others, Alakazam is rarely able to be countered in battle and can form your main attacking force.

According to the Pokedex, Alakazam’s IQ is 5000 which allows it to memorise everything. A Pokemon of this power should if at all possible, make it into any trainer’s roster as a number one pick. Just be careful – Alakazam’s mind is so powerful that you can never be sure that he isn’t the one controlling you.

1. Lugia

Here it is – we have arrived at the number one best Psychic-type Pokemon available to you as a trainer.

Lugia is a legendary psychic- and Flying-type Pokemon that made its first appearance as the iconic Pokemon of the second generation Silver game. This gentle giant is perhaps not as gentle as it seems, though.

In fact, with some of the highest defensive stats in the game, Lugia is a top-tier defensive Pokemon that is a mainstay of competitive and casual play. In addition, it has an amazing move set learned from levelling up and can be obtained (quite easily) in game!

If you only pick one legendary Pokemon to take in to battle with you, Lugia is a strong contender for that number one pick.

It is said that a single bat of one of Lugia’s wings could level an entire house, but this not-so-gentle giant would be wasted on a demolition project. Instead, it’s real home is on the front line, fighting loyally for its trainer and holding the opponent’s Pokemon at their massive wings length.


So that brings us to the end of the list, and you are now well equipped to decide which psychic-type Pokemon you might put into your killer roster.

Whether you are playing casually just for fun or competing with people around the world, these powerful Psychic-type Pokemon will help to carry you through battle after battle without defeat.

So why not bookmark this page and come back to it whenever you need to assemble a new team of Pokemon? This list of the best Psychic-type Pokemon should help you not only to build yourself a new team, but also give you some idea on how to use your powerful new Pokemon.

After all, information is key to battle. As Sun Tzu, the great eastern military philosopher once said:

“Know thy enemy, know thy self. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.”

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