Do you Belong To The Star Children Soul Group ? 8 Characteristics Prove you do

Star Children Characteristics – Many observers, including teachers, parents, child development specialists and pediatricians have noticed something remarkable over the few decades which a dramatic change has been occurring in the children and young adults they deal with. These newer children seem to be brighter.

Not only do these children grow up faster both physically and mentally, they also tackle problems and school work in unique ways that work but leave people looking baffled. They are very much spiritual but not interested in religion. They have a fascination with space and life on other planets, most of them feel a connection to other worlds.


They are known as star children or starseeds. There are numerous descriptions and experiences that fit them like the ones listed children characteristics

8 Star Children Characteristics

Star children are mentioned in many cultures, from the Native Americans, African Dogon and even in india. They all mention god like beings that came down from the stars. According to Dr Richard Boylan Ph.D, a star children maybe defined as a child with both human and star visitor origins. Below are descriptions that may define a child to be a star children.

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1. Through genetic engineering, star visitors genes were spliced into the human parent’s reproductive material.

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2. Incarnation of an star visitor into the human body to complete important missions, to bring awareness which is useful to our world.

3. Can happen from a walkin experience, somewhere during childhood, the child becomes seriously ill but somehow makes a miraculous recovery with renewed confidence and ability, during this phase the the walk out soul is replaced by the visitor spirit soul.


4. Some children had star visitor contact, but they only remember it into their adulthood.

5. These children are very special, even their bewildered parents know as well. They are like grown ups in children’s bodies.

6. One of the common characteristics of a star children is that they can often cause street lamps to go out when they walk by, this is caused by the biomelectromagnetic field which has been amped up as a result of contact with star visitors.

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7. These children often have skills such as telepathy, precognition, and even telekinesis.

8. These star children want to change the world for the better, whether it’s working for peace, spreading compassion and kind deeds or working to heal earth’s pollution problem. It’s their mission to wake people up to their highest potential.

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Star children and starseeds are now showing up everywhere, are you one of them? Know a friend who might be one? Please share your experience by leaving a comment below.

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