8 Signs You Descend From A Long Line Of Powerful Witches

The term “witch” has never been widely accepted. Even today, the general public struggles to look beyond the stereotype of the Halloween witch with the pointy hat and wart-covered nose.

Though witches once had to resort to hiding for fear of being killed or persecuted, they no longer have to go to such measures of not being recognized.


However, there are still many people whose ancestors were powerful witches, and they have no idea they, in fact, are a hereditary witch.

If you recognize some of these signs below, then chances are you have the bloodline of a powerful hereditary witch!


1. Your family told you captivating stories and fairy tales.

One thing about witchcraft is it requires immense responsibility. Elders in the craft always like to teach their lessons on such things through stories and fairy tales. Wordsmiths, their tales were always so intriguing. Now you know why.



2. You have the same markings.

Do you have the same birthmark as your Grandmother? Whether it’s a freckle, a mole, a mysterious scar, or birthmark, having the same “which marks” as someone in your family is a sure way to tell you are a hereditary witch.

Especially if they told you stories about the meaning of them!

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3. They always had a natural remedy.

Call them potions, elixirs, salves, whatever you like, but they always worked. Did someone you know happen to have the perfect remedy for your ailment? I bet the ingredients were all natural too!


4. Your family paid attention to the moon/stars.

Sure, some people know when there is a full moon by looking up at night. Others, like your family, know when it is to occur, in what sign, and how that will affect your life. They probably taught you about setting intentions and manifestation power too.


5. Your family holds nature in high regard.

Whether it came in the form of a story, or a trip down memory lane, or even taking you there physically, your family always relayed the importance of nature. Maybe that’s why you love it so much too.


6. Your family has a tendency to say odd things.

Everyone has an odd family member who says outlandish things, but witches are different.

They will give you the best advice in the world, but you have to figure out what they mean. Are they speaking in riddles? Perhaps. But once you get what they mean it’s earth-shaking.



7. You were taught to respect all living things.

You love animals, but people take some getting used to. Those in your family who taught you to respect all living things always said it would be that way.

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8. Your family is more reserved.

Your family never went out to many parties or social gatherings. Instead, they preferred the company of each other and worked on making that circle a loving one.


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