9 Characteristics of Spirit Warriors – Are you the Chosen one?

Spirit Warriors are the ones who have been chosen to walk on this Earth in order to help the awakening.

Not all are awakened and this is what Spirit Warriors do. With their deeds and their mindsets help us free ourselves from the traps of everyday life.


Are you the Chosen One?

Before we are born, some of us agree to play a role in the Human Race’s Awakening. Some of us agree to walk down this tough path which is definitely not easy but full of challenges and sacrifices.

One who agreed to become one of the Spirit Warriors, knows that s/he probably have to endure much pain in order to remember his/her commitment to the Awakening.

On the other hand, it is so fulfilling to be part of World’s spiritual upgrade.

The Quest of Spirit Warriors is to look for ways to achieve greater and total awareness.

They are amongst the ones who protest and give their lives in order to awaken us for our rights worldwide.

Moreover, they can be amongst the ones who fight for freedom of speech, civil rights, religious rights or try to change the way

their family think – being characterised as the black sheep – who eventually are recognised as the Wise ones! (see here the “symptoms” of being awakened!)

If you have more than 5 of these traits you probably are one of them.

9 Traits of Spirit Warriors

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 1- They Love truth.

and they are willing to go as far as they can to learn what they don’t.

Spirit Warriors are honest and although know the pain they sometimes inflict with truth, they believe it is essential for our growth.

A powerful weapon, truth can unlock mysteries and solve solutions we all fear of trying.

The Truth Spell can also help … a lot!

2- A true spirit warrior doesn’t give up when the going gets tough.

S/he is the one who is fuelled by his/her passion and makes an example of his/her life.

It’s the one who is not devastated by a serious injury, disease, disability, economic disaster or breakup.

But more likely is showing everyone how to deal with disasters.

3- A Spirit Warrior defies what everybody might think and follows his/her heart.

Moreover, they are attuned with their intuition and they certainly trust their guts!

They know that energy doesn’t lie. The enemy might be dressed up as a friend but a Spirit Warrior’s intuition alerts them.

Their heart is true. Thus its messages are true too.


4- A Chosen one lives and breathes for love.

Love is essential to all the Warriors of Light.

They know that Love is the key to all Wisdom. Love is the Language of the Universe.

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A smile on the subway, a hug, a friendly handshake, might be powerful weapons against darkness.


5- A Spirit Warrior tames his/her inner fears.

Living without fears might be impossible and yes, even the Chosen Ones fear.

But this doesn’t mean that they don’t try their best to tame these shadows and embrace their full potential.

The Spirit Warrior will look where others are afraid to look and go further than everybody accepts.



6- S/he starts Life over and over Again.

Spirit Warriors are like the Phoenix. They can be burned but they are not destroyed.

Their lives might be crashed over and over again, but as long as they breathe they are not finished.

Even when they stop breathing they might keep influencing the living ones like enlightened spirit guides.


7- A Spirit Warrior chooses his/her battles.

There are so many things to change but we cannot change them at once.


8- Patience is a golden virtue.

A Spirit Warrior doesn’t waste his/her energy. Energy must be spent wisely. Therefor s/he waits until the time is ready to act.

9- Spirit Warrior are wise forces of Light.

They treat themselves with love and respect.

The Goal is to change the world and to do so, it requires them to be in the perfect shape possible.

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  1. My favourite word is JUSTICE. The majority of my family are right-wing but I’m (I guess to some, extreme) left-wing. My ideal word is one of equality and peace for ALL living things. The The suffering of the Yemenis, the Syrians, the Rohingya, animals, minorities, the environment etc all break my heart and i fight for their salvation, but the plight of the Palestinian men, women and CHILDREN who are victims of apartheid Israels crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide hits me on a wave far deeper than that of just an empath feeling their pain, it’s on a soul level so deep it’s incomprehensible in it’s all consuming effect. This article is so apt, i knew i’m a Pleiadian, a Lyran (feline race), and an Orion star seed and that i’m an empath here to assist with the 2032 ascension into the 5th dimension, but this resonates with me so much, it’s the exact way to describe it, i want to be Palestines warrior and save them from the illegal terrorist state of Israel but I also want to awaken the heart Charkras of the zionists in Israel so they can see we’re all ONE and stop massacring the Palestinians. A world where everyone knows and accepts that we’re all United in the same energy of LOVE


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