In this article, you will discover signs of soul connection. Have you ever felt drawn to someone you don’t even know? Like there is a magnetic link between you, which brings you in closer, this is a soul level connection.

We all possess a powerful magnetic force within us, and like a magnet, we employ a force of attraction to others and lovers. This energy is amplified, as we become attached when we are attracted to someone.


Signs you have a soul connection to your partner

Here are 9 signs you have a soul level connection to your spouse;

You have similar interests

You have a lot of similar concern, especially when it comes to emotional expression. This reveals that you both think the same way, and your souls are connected to the same station.

You never question whether or not you are meant to be together

You won’t or in the new future question whether or not you are supposed to be together, even when you have a crisis you don’t question it or look for hidden meanings. You both are just living it.

You are more patient and understanding

Things that would usually irritate you with other people just don’t have the same point when it comes to your soulmate. You are never quick to anger because you understand your partner’s soul and you’re able to forgive quickly.

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You give them your full attention

We live in an age where there are many distractions, but you are somewhat conscious of giving your loved one your undivided attention. In the modern age, we need to be intentional in putting phones away and engaging with our partner.

It’s in the eyes

When you have a soul level connection, you or your partner tends to look deeply into the eyes, this forms the soul level connection with your spirit, and the energy between you both flows freely.

Not selfish

There is a saying, a person who is selfish is also selfish in bed. When you have a soul level connection, the energy is selfless, and you embrace each other to gain the proper energy flow.

You create things together

Whether it’s work or long-term dreams, you both want to manifest your realities together.

They bring out the best and worst in you

The best relationships tend to put out the best and the worst in you, they awaken you and show you everything that’s possibly holding you back. It’s a tricky paradox, but one that’s also exceptionally beautiful, it’s very hard to grasp until you have experienced it.