Being strong and sensitive at the same time is tough. Your friends and people around you would describe you as pretty fearless and badass – but only your true friends know just how sensitive you really are.

So what are some of the signs of being badass but also pretty damn sensitive?


1. You still get overwhelmed. 

The world is very overwhelming for you, it’s just the badass in you doesn’t let that stop you from doing whatever it is you want to do. You know that you are in full control of your life, and when things get tough, you never give up – no matter how scared you are, you just roll up your sleeves and get stronger.

2. You call people out, but it’s always thought out and for a good reason. 

You aren’t the type of person who will sit silently in front of someone feeling disrespected and not say anything. So you’ll call them out on their shit and set boundaries, but it will always be constructive. Because you are also sensitive, you were born with a really acute awareness to detail, so you’re likely to pick up on things around you that others may miss.

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3. You still need a lot of time to recharge. 

You need time for yourself. Because you’re fearless and strong, people expect you to be their wingman/woman at any given time or event. But in reality, sometimes you prefer to stay at home and unwind – you’re still quite sensitive to your environment and are irritated by things easily.

4. You’re very selective about who you date.

You can’t stand meat markets like Tinder, or small talk on a first date. You need real human interactions and you never settle unless you find a real connection.


Being highly intuitive makes dating that much harder for you – you’re able to sniff out the BS quite fast and have a very low tolerance for it, so that doesn’t leave you with many people in the dating world.

5. You need “real” talk.

You hate when people cover up their true feelings. You can always sense when people are being untruthful and it causes you to be very overwhelmed and distracted. Mainly because you will try to spend each second of the hour trying to figure out what’s wrong.

You can really handle the truth, no matter how gritty it is.

6. You’re not really bitching, you’re just sensitive to all the idiots in the world.

Being strong and badass has nothing to do with holding in your feelings. Yeah, you might complain a lot, but honestly you’re just highly sensitive to all the moronic buffoons in the world – and there are a lot of them.

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7. You’re a good listener. 

You really know when to shut up. You know there’s a time and place for your sturdy opinions and you will never just talk to say something or keep talking when people have tuned out, you’re too intuitive to the people around you for that.

You’re very strong for the people around and love to listen to them, but that doesn’t mean you listen with the intent to reply, but more so to understand and relieve.

8. You don’t need to be the center of attention.

You might often find yourself being the center of attention, but you never purposely put yourself there. People are naturally drawn to you, but you’re always more worried about them then yourself. You hate it when people show off, you just don’t understand that need for attention.

9. Sometimes you get quiet. 

You’re pretty badass at your core, but that doesn’t mean you don’t get quiet. You sometimes get overwhelmed by people if you don’t know them and/or don’t vibe with them, which consequently makes you withdraw into yourself and become reflective.