9 Spiritual Awakening Signs And Symptoms

We all know what spiritual awakening is, unfortunately we don’t get to choose the red pill or the blue pill and there are no more fears to tell you what is happening. Spiritual awakening can be divinely brutal and for some spiritual awakening can happen with a bang.

Spontaneous spiritual awakening is a mystical kind of crazy that doesn’t last forever. Once you have passed through the madness to other side, a lightworker is born.


Did you go through the many spiritual awakening symptoms? Which of these signs listed below did you go through?


Spiritual Awakening Signs And Symptoms

1. Extra Sensory Perception.

You have no way to explain how your same eyes, ears and nose became acutely sensitive. How is it possible to hear and smell so sharply?

2. Chakra Activation.

You felt one of your chakras spiraling for the first time.spiritual awakening signs and symptoms

3. So much Weird stuff.

So much weird stuff was happening and you have no idea why.

4. Kundalini Rising

A delicious energy spiraled up through your body. You wanted more.

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5. We are one.

You realized everyone is just one, you, me and everyone.

6. Out of Body Experience.

You just had an out of body experience, it’s crazy and it happened.

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7. Pied Piper.

Spontaneous awakening cleanses your energy body of blocks, which allowed your vibrations to temporally soar.

8. The secret.

Just think of it and it shall be done, as your thoughts are manifested into external reality.

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9. Psychic Powers.

Your intuition is at a much higher level.

Which of these signs did you experience?

For a spiritual awakening survival guide, this video by Anna Merkaba is very helpful.



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