A Guide To Dark Night Of The Soul For Twin Flames

What is Dark Night of the Soul?

The phrase “Dark Night of the Soul” is used to mention an extreme condition of the soul which feels like death. It is the condition that leads to deep depths of sorrows.

More or less, the days of the person suffering are filled with periods of blaming themselves, questioning life decisions, and feeling helpless.

It is a time of pain that occurs just before awakening. Confusion, darkness, anger, and agony surround the person, and they can find no way out when it’s dark night of the soul.

The experience is very challenging and distressing, but it leads to huge soul growth without you knowing.

What is Dark Night of The Soul For Twin Flames?

Twin flame connection is a deep soul association. When you meet your twin, there’s a new form of spiritual awareness that disturbs you at a soul level.

When twins come together, it is always an intense connection. The soul feels the spark, and every single cell of the body vibrates.

The Dark Night of the Soul Twin Flame is the harrowing time right after when you meet your twin and feel the link between you two.

Why Dark Night of The Is Important For Twin Flames?

As we have mentioned earlier that it is a period of soul growth and development, thus it becomes a significant phase.

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In the twin flame relationship, it becomes necessary for the souls to get some time apart. It’s for growth and learning; it decides what you should become in the future.

It is the interval that makes you more mindful and aware of your creation. Before the permanent union with the twin flame, one should be entirely conscious of the own self.

Unless you don’t feel that some part of you is missing, you will never reach out to find your complete self.

Together and apart, the twins remain in a condition in which they balance their energy so they can become one.

To complete this cycle, physical connection of the twins is not necessary.

When a twin separates itself from the other in this period of time, that they don’t want to hurt the other twin.

It is never their intention. In fact, by this unravelling, they are protecting themselves because their mind is pretty much disturbed by the soul connection.

The Symptoms of Dark Night of The Soul:

When a twin is in this state, these are the most common symptoms that are present:

It feels like death, but in reality, it is something worse than death because the conscious of the person is neither in the state of living nor dying

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 It is a dark dungeon, and it seems like you are the prisoner for eternity with no way out

 There’s a sense of anxiety and urgency; you don’t find peace anywhere as it feels that your life is ruined

 Childhood memories strike you now and then

 The feeling of trauma and pain remain with you wherever you go; depression and panic attacks become the part of your life.

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