African astrology is the oldest known type of astrology of which we have records.

It is widely thought to be the first example of humanity searching for meaning in the stars.

Just like in western astrology, African astrology has a horoscope consisting of 12 signs based around the date of birth.

The appearance of these signs comes from geomancy or the study of throwing bones.

This primitive astrology was developed over many generations and formed a part of the strong oral tradition that pre-dates the systems written down in the middle and far east a little later on.

The African astrology horoscope – or African Zodiac – follows the same structure as the western horoscope.

There are also 12 signs of the African Zodiac Horoscope, too.

It intends to use the wisdom gained by generations of ancestors to allow each individual to understand their inner selves and the things that drive, nourish, and fulfill them.

African Astrology Horoscope Signs

The symbols for the signs of the African Zodiac find their origins in the ancient art of geomancy and the particular arrangements of bones thrown during these rituals.

The names are traditionally significant. They come from meaningful objects and ideas within African culture.

Each sign is intended to represent a separate aspect of life on the African continent.

Here are the 12 signs of the African Zodiac:

Baobab: 4th January – 3rd February

Considered one of the strongest signs of the African Zodiac, it owes its name to the Baobab tree.

This tree has an incredibly thick, sturdy trunk and can be found all over the continent, including Madagascar.

Embodying self-confidence, those born under this sign are talented in the realm of business and are good providers for the family.

They act with integrity, honesty, and presence of mind to provide structure and prosperity for their children.

Wealth Of Amber: 4th February – 5th March

An intellectual sign in the African astrology horoscope, those born under the Wealth of Amber is gifted with a sharp mind but burdened with an anxious personality.

They can be impulsive and intuitive thinkers, but this can work to their advantage as long as they remember to pause for thought.

They over-value material wealth at the expense of spiritual health and often become jealous of the success of others.

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However, they do admire and respect those who break the mold.

Family: 6th March – 4th April

Natural diplomats and family-centered people are born under the sign of the Family.

They are diametrically opposed to self-centered and selfish behavior, preferring to live generously with both their wealth and their considerable wisdom.

They embody the community spirit and encourage others to share resources and work together towards common goals.

Small Services To The Neighbourhood: 5th April – 4th May

Those born under this sign are warm, personable, and outgoing in their demeanor and tend to be well regarded by their local community.

They are excellent communicators and have no trouble making friends.

While they are to be relied upon to help in a crisis, they are not ones to take the lead, and they tend only to pitch in when it is absolutely necessary – and not a moment before!

Market: 5th May – 4th June

People who are born under the sign of the Market tend to embody the busy, familiar, and at times, the dangerous locale of the African marketplace.

While they are warm and caring, they are also emotionally unstable and can be unpredictable.

They are also prone to wild emotionality, and this can prove to be harmful to friendships and relationships if not handled with understanding.

Ancestor: 5th June – 4th July

One of the most revered signs in the African astrology horoscope is the Ancestor.

They are drawn to power and are natural leaders, and as such, they often take central roles in the community.

However, while their leadership and guidance are appreciated, they are often isolated by their aloofness.

Others can see those born under this African Zodiac sign as uncaring and unconcerned with the needs of those around them.

But in their less severe moments, they are capable of being gentle in offering guidance and advice to those with different challenges.

Judge: 5th July – 4th August

Being born under the sign of the Judge indicates someone who always tries to see both sides of a debate.

displaying respect for others and their points of view while maintaining their individual decision making.

While this sign indicates a passive person who prefers to defer to others, it also indicates someone who can really boost people who are already working to boost themselves.

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In this way they often make many friends – and loyal ones at that.

Kola Nut: 5th August – 3rd September

Many are a little cautious around those born under the sign of the Kola nut.

It is because they are believed to have innate clairvoyance that lends itself to dark magic.

In terms of demeanor, they have much in common with the nut this sign is named, which contains caffeine and also the flavoring that we commonly call “cola.”

They are considered to be innovative, striking a different path and singular in their drive.

As they grow older, this distills into the wisdom of age, though they never lose their passion for life.

Traveler: 4th September – 3rd October

Those born under the sign of the Traveller are fated to live a life of inner conflict, resulting in a lot of instability that comes from not finding their place in the world.

Often misunderstood by others, they nevertheless are usually gifted in the creative arts and especially when commenting on the human experience.

Distance: 4th October – 3rd November

Those with the African astrology sign of the Distance are thinkers, dreamers, and rebels.

They hate conforming to society’s norms and suffer within its structures.

Left to follow their passions and desires, they can achieve a lot in life, but in so doing could find themselves restricted by the norms and structures of success.

Child Of The Word: 4th November – 3rd December

Those born under the Child of the Word will enjoy the great success that will come too quickly to them.

They often have security, safety, and plenty of resources throughout their entire lives, which imbues them with generosity and strength that will help to gather allies and friends.

However, the ease of success can also breed arrogance, which can lead to poor luck.

Harvest In The Granary: 4th December – 3rd January

Those born under the final sign of the African zodiac embody vitality, fertility, health, and abundance.

They are physical, dynamic, and full of life.

Often, athletes, they draw admiration from others that can go to their head too easily, threatening their position within the community and limiting their success.