The principle of alchemical marriage between twin flames describes the transformation twin flames must achieve before ascension can be attained.

It is core to the destiny of the twin flame relationship that this transformation should take place.

But what exactly do we mean by a necessary transformation?

Before The Twin Flame

Before we meet our twin flame, we primarily exist as a half expressed soul.

This is because we share a soul with our twin flame.

We are two mirror expressions of it.

Without each other, we cannot fully realise the nature of our own soul and can therefore not ascend to higher states of consciousness.

But in order to meet our twin flame, we have some work to do.

Through childhood, we experience life as a purely physical thing.

We live in the physical world, we think and feel in the physical world – spirituality and the transcendent is not only sidelined to the overload on our physical senses, but we experience them as physical things too.

Once we are self-possessed – usually during our teenage years – there is a shift, and we become aware of the spiritual and the transcendent.

And at this point, the transformation can begin.

We start to fix the bad habits and clear the bad energies that we have accumulated.

We have lived some life, and life has a funny way of saddling us with emotional and spiritual baggage that we must unload if we are to prepare for the twin flame relationship.

This first spiritual awakening sets us off on our spiritual journey.

Through spiritual practice, we maintain and transform, until we are ready for the twin flame relationship.

Alchemical Marriage Twin Flames

And then we meet our twin flame, and another set of transformations take place.

The goal is much the same – to clear away the bad energies that we have accumulated over our lives and to raise our vibrations by learning karmic lessons.

Essentially, we have learned the lessons of our youth and must now learn the lessons our twin flame has learned about theirs. And vice versa, of course.

 This period of transformation is an intense course in the workings of our soul where we learn to be more like our perfect spiritual self – rather than the imperfect one tainted by the traumas of life.

Like alchemy, we are taking our mundane physical being and turning it into the gold of the transcendent.

And once we have achieved this goal, we will unify in alchemical marriage, combined in our mundanity with our twin flame into the sparkling gold of the soul on a higher plane of consciousness.

And from there the transformation only continues, on and on until the whole world has realised its true, transcendent self.

Then the galaxy, and the home cluster, and the universe in totality.