“Am I an Empath or just sensitive?” is a question most sensitive individuals tend to ask themselves. It is a difficult question to answer, as there is a thin but quite distinctive line that differentiates the two.

An Empath is defined as a person who has the capability to feel the emotions and physical symptoms of others, even if they are not going through them.


An extremely sensitive person, on the other hand, is someone who is sensitive to the emotions of others and is in tune with his/her surroundings.

A deeper understanding of the question; Am I an Empath or just sensitive?

Every human being can empathise with others. Empaths, on the other hand, have the gift of literally feeling what the other person is feeling. For example- if there is someone who has had a traumatic experience, your responses don’t stop at just empathising but feeling, both emotionally and physically, what the other person is feeling.

An Empath would feel the anxiety, the sadness as if they were experiencing the loss.

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A sensitive person, on the other hand, might have a similar level of empathy as an Empath; however, their response would be to feel overwhelmed by the other person’s feelings and shift into their shell of self-preservation, blaming the tragedy for how they would be feeling. In other words, a sensitive person does have the tendency to make everything about them.


Life of an Empath

· People tend to open up easily with you, sharing the darkest and most intimate stories of their lives, feeling good afterwards. You, however, feel drained and worse after talking to them.

· When people surround you, you tend to pick up on certain energies while being alone is what rejuvenates you

· Crowds are overwhelming, and you tend to retract into your shell in such places.

· Some might feel intimidated connecting with you, as they feel you can see right through them

· You sometimes tend to feel down or uplifted and can’t understand why only to realise someone close to you is feeling those emotions.

Life of a Highly Sensitive Person

· You have the tendency to feel others emotions on a deeper level but do not necessarily “feel” it.

· You tend to take things personally and are often offended by other’s thoughts

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· Your heightened sense of awareness can sometimes make it difficult to make decisions as you are more aware of the possible outcomes.

· You are more emotional than others and often tend to cry when someone is crying around you

· You tend to feel anxiety at a deeper level, most often in social situations.

How does one cope with being an Empath or a Highly Sensitive Person?

The first step would be to stop troubling yourself with this question, “Am I an Empath or just sensitive?” There is always a possibility that you might resonate with both, so it is important to set some boundaries for yourself or practice being more mindful.

Meditation is one of the most effective ways of creating that space between you and emotions and equips you with the ability to respond rather than react. For Empaths, coping could be slightly more challenging, regular aura cleansing or carrying around a protective crystal would help.


In the end, it is not you asking yourself whether you are an empath or just sensitive, but moving away from the limitations of our physical and mental body and striving towards realising your true potential.