Am I psychic or intuitive? There were times when I was able to tell exactly what was about to happen.

If that’s the reason you are here, then you are in the right place to know the difference between being a psychic or an intuitive being.

Well, to understand both terms, first you need to understand that psychic and intuitive both lie on the same plane. The gift we often talk about is intuition and not psychic ability.

Everyone is born with intuition, and psychic abilities are there when we develop our intuition and polish it for our use.

So in reality, you could be a psychic and intuitive at the same time; but being intuitive doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a psychic. Read further to clear your concept more.

What is Intuition?

It is the small voice that is present inside the head of every person; it is always speaking. It is not in your control. It is the hunch that you feel when something is going to happen.

It is the gut feeling that makes you choose the correct thing. If we define it in simpler words, it is the guidance that is received now and then.

Example: Intuition is when you know your phone is about to ring or what your friend is going to say next.

What is Psychic Ability?

Psychic ability is that intuition to which a person has paid attention. It is not a single day miracle but requires time and effort.

In simple words, it is the conscious use of intuition. With time, a psychic refines their intuition; thus, it appears as a supernatural thing.

But in reality, everyone has a psychic in them, but they are unable to see. However, some people are gifted, and naturally, they know how to change their intuition into psychic abilities.

Example: Psychic ability is when you hold an object to know about it, or when you meditate to seek any particular information.

Am I psychic or intuitive? The Major Differences:

An Intuitive:

  • Unable to control the timing of information as an intuition comes to the person randomly and unconsciously
  • A person is intuitive by birth
  • Remains the same for your whole life
  • Intuition is not a continuous feeling

A Psychic:

  • Have the ability to control the intuition; it comes when a psychic wants it
  • A person becomes psychic overtime, but some people are gifted at birth
  • With practice, their power increases
  • They feel their energy and power all the time


Anyone can become a psychic because we all are intuitive by birth. If a person thinks that he/she is not intuitive, then they should listen to their inner voice more.

They should not neglect any sound that appears from nowhere. And if you already know that you are intuitive, then you can improve yourself even further by becoming a psychic.

When you have better access to your intuition, you can help yourself and others in many ways.