Andromedan Starseed: Characteristics Quiz

The Andromedans are our galactic neighbors, they are only 2.5 million light years from us in the Andormeda Galaxy. Andromedan starseed are freedom seekers, they are always looking to escape their daily life and will do anything to find this freedom. They might even change relationships and jobs to find it.

There are not many Andromedan souls incarnating here, there far more beings incarnating from our Milky Way galaxy. There are almost million humans who have an Andromedan soul. However these people have no idea who they are and only small amount of andromedan energy is within them.



Andromedan Starseed are quiet warriorsandromedan starseed

They are quiet warriors living their lives and don’t like too much attention. They are the masters and guides playing in the shadows, which may seem boring to some. They are relaxed and easy going, however they have a great capability to affect others with their reputation. Andromedans seem to fear their own power and they are not sure what they should be doing with this energy within them. With their presence here on earth, these important souls are opening new gate ways to others in our universe.

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