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Animal Spirit Guides – Find your Animal Spirit Guide (BEST TIPS)

I have a deep affinity with the native american culture and they had animal spirit guides, so we are going to go through how they saw the world. When we talk about the Zodiac it goes back to ancient babylon, ancient egypt, the greeks called the zodiac (zodiacos) which means circle of animals. Horoscope emanates from the greek word horoscopus which means observer of time. So think about it like this in ancient times, people had lots of time..they would observe the stars and in certain periods of the month animals would do really strange things.

So they would connect certain animal to different months and time, so your birthday would be that animal.



Your Animal Spirit Guide

Aquarius: Aquarius the water bearer, now in the native american zodiac you are the otter and what do otters do ? they are very creative and very independent, people who are aquarius what do they do ? they are very unorthodox..which is their greatest strength, sometimes you might find yourself isolated, you will have to balance the two.

Pisces: Pisces is the fish in western astrology but if we talk about native american animal spirit guide, you are the wolf. Your strengths are you are very gentle, generous, sensitive. You live in between two worlds, the world of matter and the world of spirit. Sometimes people tell you all their problems thats why your a wolf, you can go off somewhere and be alone, so you can recharge.animal spirit guide

Aries: In native american animal spirit guide Aries is the falcon. You are very confident, you are a natural born leader. Now a lot of people who are Aries, some people might say they are very pompous at the same time they have a sensitive side because they believe in themselves. Most Aries know they can do anything which is their greatest strength, but they must be careful about ego.

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Taurus: You are the beaver in native american animal spirit guide. You are devoted, consistent, hardworking, which is your greatest strength. Sometimes you have a hard time expressing yourself, so you are blocked up in your throat chakra…building it all up and sometimes you just explode on everyone.


Gemini: Your animal spirit guide is the Deer. You are very lively, a great communicator. You are someone who is a fantastic writer, some people might say you are two faced. Your greatest strength is you are very adaptable, your weakness can be that sometimes you are very lazy.

Cancer: Your animal spirit guide is the woodpecker. You are highly sensitive, highly emotional.. which is your greatest strength because it allows you to be vulnerable. Now the weakness is absorbing other peoples energy, you have to learn how to go further into your emotional healing.

animal spirit guide

Leo: You are the salmon. You have the flair soon as you walk into a room.. everybody knows. You have the glitz, the glamor, you really have a warm heart and people love this about you. Sometimes you maybe considered arrogant so you have to learn to balance the ego with the heart space.

Virgo: Virgo is very interesting in animal spirit guide because you are the bear. You are very meticulous, very orderly, you are a perfectionist. You do things in a logical way, sometimes that can be considered as your greatest strength at the same time a weakness can be you might be a recluse and maybe very shy, but that can also turn into your greatest strength if you know how to use it.

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Libra: You are the crow/raven the friendly one that gets along with everyone. Your greatest strength is that you are the diplomat, in stressful situations you bring calm and order to everyone. Your weakness is that you are very possessive, sometimes very naive, gullible.


Scorpio: Your animal spirit guide is the snake. You are like the Shaman, you are deeply connected to the etheral realms which means you have one of the highest level of intuition in the zodiac. You are also deeply connected to the spirit realm. Your weakness is that this can be overwhelming and you become resentful of what you came here to do, you are torn between two worlds. Its a gift lots of scorpios know what time it is.

Sagittarius: You are the night owl, you are the party goer, the adventurer. Having fun in the club all the time, smiling, joking. Its very hard to find a depressed sagittarius, sometimes your weakness can be that you get complacent, you become lazy.

Capricorn: You are the goose, you are very down to earth. You are someone who sees their goals and accomplish them. Your weakness is that you take life far too seriously and you get very involved in the matrix and you forget the illusion of it.

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4 thoughts on “Animal Spirit Guides – Find your Animal Spirit Guide (BEST TIPS)”

  1. The Best Way, is to Meditate & Ask for your Animal Totem/Spirit Guide to Present Itself or Themselves to You, so you may get to know Each Other! The Animal/s Totem/Spirit, which You are Meant To Work Most Closely With, may not be the 1 of your Birth Month!

  2. How do we ask Ask for our Animal Totem/Spirit Guide to Present Itself or Themselves to us ?
    Mine appears before the hardess change appears in my life….i feel like it talks to me by looking at me…but i can’t undurstand’s it… how can we be buddy if it is a wild animal ?


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