10 Anunnaki Proof And Facts You Should Know

In this Article we discuss 10 anunnaki proof and facts. Anunnaki’s are the most talked about subject, when it comes to ancient alien theories, so are there any facts to these mysterious aliens? Do they really have a sturdy enough background when it comes to ancient alien debunkers?

Wrist Watches

In the many depiction of them, we can see wrist watches were worn by the ones who came down from the stars, they are interesting and seem to appear in every depiction of them.



From history we can see that the Sumerians happen to be the first to build cities, they were organized using city girds just like today. According to many ancient alien theorists, the Anunnaki conveyed this wisdom to man. This could be another Anunnaki proof, these structures are city like and organized, so its possible the Anunnaki did pass their wisdom to mankind.

Anunnaki Proof Is The Clay Tablets

Archaeologists who were exploring the Nineveh ruins found many clay tablets, 22,000 to be exact which seem to be linked to the Anunnaki.anunnaki proof 4

Sumerian Texts

Zecharia Sitchin publicized his own translation of the Sumerian texts in 1976, the books known as The Earth Chronicles. What Sitchin translated from the texts were that the Anunnaki traveled to our planet to mine for gold.

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We know that gold will reflect infrared light. Which is light we are not able to see, however we can connect with it in the form of heat, the radiation from it connects with our molecules which makes it vibrate faster and we sense that as heat. We also know that gold makes a effective heat shield, because it is malleable. Gold is a must have resource for anyone, because its very easy to manage, you could make it thin etc. Gold is valuable to Et travelers as Sitchin suggested.

12th Planet

Sitchin wrote that the Anunnaki were from another distant planet within our solar system, which has a 3,600 year elliptical orbit.


Genetically Modified Mankind

Many experts in Ancient Alien have theorised that the Anunnaki have genetically modified primitive man and created an army of labor force, allowing them to mine the gold they needed much faster.

First Humans

Zecharia Sitchin stated that the Adamu were first ever human beings, they were created 450,000 years ago by the Anunnaki, they mixed their own DNA with prehistoric man, allowing them to create a labor force which did whatever they wanted.anunnaki proof 2


We know that adam in Hebrew means man. Sumerians refer to Adamu as the first man or the Anunnaki slaves.

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Visitors From The Stars

According to Zulu legends, which speaks of a time period when visitors came down from the stars to excavate gold and many other valuable resources. The Anunnaki created slaves to work the mines.

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