Located in the Bootes constellation, present 36.7 light years away, there’s a star called Arcturus. It is an ancient star system, and the beings belong to this stars are called Arcturians.

They exist from 4D to 6D. Their wisdom, teachings, and knowledge have no match, and they love to share it.

They are alchemists, scientific, code breakers, healers, deep thinkers, and inter-dimensional travellers.

Arcturian Starseed: Know Them Close

Arcturian is a quite old race, but they have initiated to incarnate in the surrounding worlds recently. Arcturians starseeds share many characteristics of Arcturians.

They are highly intelligent and mentally polarised. They critically analyse things and think about them in great depth.

They don’t open up easily and remain serious most of the time, but you will enjoy their unique sense of humour if you get lucky enough to know them intimately.

They cannot express their emotions fully, except for anger.

Arcturian starseeds are very strong and stand firm on their beliefs. They are the planners and know how to complete their plans. They love to gain attention.

They are experts in geometry and building. They like to experiment and turn their ideas into reality is their most beloved work.

Arcturian Starseed Checklist: Their Most Common Traits

Arcturian starseeds have the following traits; check them to know if you are one of them!

• Feel that they don’t belong to their family
• Geometry is their favorite
• Drawn towards fundamental sciences, like quantum physics
• Have lower body temperature
• Attracted toward metaphysics and paranormal
• Special interest in astronomy, aliens, ancient civilizations and night sky
• Unable to comprehend social hierarchy
• Their blood pressure remains low most of the time
• Experience synesthesia
• Science, technology, mathematics, and everything new attract them
• When they close their eyes, colourful geometric patterns might appear
• Have a good memory
• Known for being highly empathic
• Always ask philosophical questions
• Highly sensitive towards smell, sounds, lights, etc.
• Want to design and build the future of Earth
• Not easy to break
• Like to be appreciated
• Good planners and organizers
• They do miracles in music, science, and mathematics

Arcturian Starseed Mission: Why They Have Come to Earth

The primary mission of Arcturians on Earth is to bring the new future; to make it a community that is balanced.

Arcturian beings are trying to accomplish this goal by two forms of connection: spiritually by becoming a spirit guide, and physically by being incarnated on the planet as Starseeds.

To complete their mission, many Arcturian starseeds are working in the field of research, science, architecture and building, and mathematics.

They are the developers of new sources of energy. They create ways to harness energy more effectively. With their knowledge of sacred geometry, they are known for crafting new models of homes and communities. They see beyond what is already structured.

Other than that, Arcturian starseeds also teach humans how to live the best life by fighting their anger, fear, and guilt. They give the lesson of love and connection.

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