Are The Alien Stargates On Earth Still Working?

According to research more maps are now available of the Earth’s gravity and magnetic field. Many Satellites are now providing overview of the gravity and magnetism all over the planet. These seem to be natural causes and now on the interest list for many scientists. Is there something to find in these data?

Secret Stargates On Earth

Perhaps we are about to rediscover things as our ancient ancestors seem to have known about the Earth’s magnetism and gravitation. The evidence that ancients seem to have known is more evident in the ancient mega structures that are spread all over the Earth’s continents. There appears to be many anomalies in many of these locations, they are either gravitational or magnetic or even both. The best example would be the Carnac site in France, which seems to be a huge collection of ancient megaliths.


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Now what would that mean? We know that all these ancient mega structures exist all over the world; it does make me think of stargates on earth… Studies have shown that wormhole in theory can be formed when space and time is distorted with intense gravitational fields. So a worm hole is created by a strong magnetic field, but the field would need so much power than we can create today. Wormholes can’t be seen and have never actually shown to exist. Maybe overtime we have just lost the knowledge that was available to us in ancient times? Maybe the ancient humans saw aliens or Gods which was what they called them, who traveled through intercontinental or interstellar stargates?

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Many researchers have proposed that there’s a grid over the Earth comprised of geometrical lines of energy and the ancient mega structures are placed at important points on the grid. Together they form a gateway to the stars. So it seems the mega structures were built in these locations with special gravitational and magnetic properties. Even the stones used to build them seem to have special properties.

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stargates on earth bermuda triangle


We know that some of those mega structures are built on land however some have sunk into the ocean. This could explain many strange phenomena underwater, like the Bermuda Triangle. These stargates could still be working today, if somewhere to open again what kind of aliens would we let through? We just don’t know they could be hostile. There is speculation now that there is a stargate open and only being used in secret in Yemen.

I believe opening up the stargates on earth can be dangerous, we just don’t know what we would let in.



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