Do you read your daily horoscope? Are you the one who believe in lucky numbers and lucky colors as per your zodiac signs?

Or do you believe in Mercury retrogrades?


Many of us have started believing that astrology is science and it only includes studying celestial bodies as per your birth charts.

We all know few people among our circle or family members, who are deep believers of astrology.

They make their daily decisions on the basis of their horoscopes and actively follow the lucky color or the lucky numbers given on that specific dates.

Often we read several articles published in the newspaper that retrograde in Mercury causes communication problems. Therefore several times we think about if the same could be true.

Generation Y

Ruling out all aspects, in the later years, more and more millennials of the generation Y, have been visiting astrology sites to have predictions about their marriage, their ideal life partner, career, etc.


The signs have also influenced people and given a facet to each zodiac sign. Like Gemini being multi-faced or Taurus being stubborn or bull-headed.

In a 2017 survey, it was also reported that 56% of millennials reading the daily horoscopes provided on online sites in the age group of 18-34.

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Uncertainties about the future have been driving them to astrology.


Stress is a common factor which has been affecting us all deeply our present generation. When our economy faces recession, it likely causes more and more effect on an individual’s job.

Losing out on job or difficulty in finding a job causes more stress. Even in their studies, aiming at graduating from a good university, they apply for a student loan.

There are times when they face difficulty in paying it back. That’s when they choose astrology as a sign of their relief and stress buster.

By consulting various astrologers regrading the ordeals in their life.

We all have heard success comes at a subordinate price.

Those who are successful are often conscious in public and have less friends too. We all know the story of millennials celebrities who have suffered depression or clinical illness.

Its true that they lead a lonely life. Mental illness looks no age, status or gender.

When it affects an individual, he sees no further options to lead a peaceful life. In such situations they often end up consulting astrologers.


We all have heard stories about several celebs and megastars who have opened up about their mental illness and also about how astrology helped them and also made a major influence on their lives

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Astrologers specializing in different fields like Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry and several others.

With the help of their birth charts, astrologers make them understand why the position of the planets have been influencing their zodiac signs.

With the regional aspect, they are not going to a temple or a church to fulfill their wish.

Rather, they are consult the astrologers who give them valuable piece of advice regarding their career, relationship or soothing remedies to rejuvenate their mental health.

Earlier we saw people been driving towards tradition, logic and rationality but now we them going towards spiritualism and intuition.

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