Many people who live a spiritual life will ask a certain question at some point: ”Are twin flames real?”

Usually, they are asking this question because they have yet to meet their twin flame, though it could also be because they have grown disillusioned with their twin flame relationship and are trying to find a route out of it.

That is entirely natural and part and parcel of the twin flame relationship. Every twin flame relationship has a period of disillusionment and denial. It is often one of the first lessons we need to learn.

Are Twin Flames Real?

Before we are incarnated into this life, we exist as a soul on the spiritual plane. From this soul is born two separate beings – manifested as mirror expressions on the physical plane.

One of them is us, and the other is our twin flame.

But really, both are us.

The universe is built this way for one simple reason:

We all need a partner for our spiritual journey.

It is far too complicated a task to complete our spiritual journey without a partner.

This is because we learn from other people, by being exposed to their quirks and their thought patterns and therefore seeing things from a different perspective.

Our twin flame is perfect for this. They are a mirror expression of us and share our mission in life, but often see things in a different way to us.

They challenge our assumptions and help us to look at the flaws in ourselves, just as much as they help us to cultivate our strengths.

It is this unique dynamic that sets twin flames apart from all other relationships – and is core to the spiritual journey we will share.


Unfortunately, it is also this dynamic that can cause the disillusionment that causes us to ask if twin flames are real.

Our doubt doesn’t originate from genuine disbelief – inside, in our heart and our gut, we know that our twin flame is the real deal – but from fear and exhaustion.

Exhaustion from the hard work that must go into a twin flame relationship. Fear that we will fail to achieve our spiritual goals. Exhaustion from the fears we feel about our twin flame relationship.

This is all so natural. You are not alone in feeling like this.

But this is just another lesson. Trust and faith in our intuition is key to the spiritual journey.

That trust and faith in intuition is easy to say we have before the twin flame relationship, but once that trust and faith is tested, we truly discover the strength of our convictions.

How you are feeling right now, if this applies to you, is the hard part of this test.

But what ultimately results from tests like these is the learning of lessons that not only help us to progress spiritually but also help us to live more happy and productive lives.

We learn about ourselves and in doing so learn about each other.

Twin flames are real. And for those of us who are lucky enough to have already experienced the unconditional love and ultimate fulfilment of the twin flame relationship, that fact is plainly evident.