Do sporadic thoughts of helping someone course through your body on a regular basis? Do you want to help people get off their feet, out of their comfort zones and fight the darkness – then you’re a light warrior.

Light workers are prevalent in every society – they offer aid and comfort selflessly with the motive of providing them an exit from the darkness that may shroud them. A light warriors arsenal of weapons are potent and effective – love, empathy, selflessness and hopeful!

A light warrior can be found in programming firm, a sports club or even as a police officer. There is no stipulation to being a light warrior except having the undying urge to spread light across the darkness. There are tell tale signs that help identify these warriors and we’re going to break it done for you!

#1: You want to mend ailments

If you find yourself proactively healing the infliction’s of people around you whatever they may be – you may very well be a light warrior. Doing it once in a while for self satisfaction should not be confused with having your heart lead to helping others through selfless reasons.light warrior

People all around the world have grave afflictions some of the mind and some physical and a light warrior will take it upon him or herself to ensure those people are cared for.

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#2: Do you see positivity all around you?

Having an aura of positivity around you and noticing it yourself is a tell tale sign of being a light warrior. This aura illuminates everything around you with positive energy that helps inspire other people to better themselves and be a source of good for all.

Tapping into this aura can also help you use spirituality techniques to help others and provide comfort and relief. Noticing the good in other people and using it to help make positive changes in their lives is what a light warrior does regularly.

#3: Being a light warrior you want things to happen now

If you find yourself lounging on the sofa watching your favorite TV show and a sudden wave of emotion enshrouds you beckoning you to act now to help others – you are most probably a light warrior. Light warriors don’t just help people get away from the darkness; they also protect them from it. If you have knack for noticing impending calamities and helping people avoid them, you’re on your way to unlocking your full potential.

#4: Whatever it may be

Your call and reason to be a warrior of light doesn’t simply have to revolve around helping other people. Helping the world in any way is considered an act of light warriors – rescuing animals, providing environmental relief, planting trees or dealing with economical issues all are attributed to the aspects of a light warrior.

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#5: You just can’t stop

No matter how much you try to stop, no matter how much you’ve resisted your beckoning to being a light warrior, it just doesn’t go away. This is the best sign to notice when trying to realize your awakening into a light warrior. Being a light warrior is natural and it can’t be avoided. Thus light warriors will always be moving forward with their heroic purpose!