Do sporadic thoughts of helping someone course through your body on a regular basis?

Do you want to help people get off their feet, out of their comfort zones and fight the darkness – then you’re a light warrior.

Light workers are prevalent in every society – they offer aid and comfort selflessly with the motive of providing them an exit from the darkness that may shroud them.

A light warriors arsenal of weapons are potent and effective – love, empathy, selflessness and hopeful!

A light warrior can be found in programming firm, a sports club or even as a police officer. There is no stipulation to being a light warrior except having the undying urge to spread light across the darkness.

There are tell tale signs that help identify these warriors and we’re going to break it done for you!

You want to mend ailments

If you find yourself proactively healing the infliction’s of people around you whatever they may be – you may very well be a light warrior.

Doing it once in a while for self satisfaction should not be confused with having your heart lead to helping others through selfless reasons.light warrior

Do you see positivity all around you?

Having an aura of positivity around you and noticing it yourself is a telltale sign of being a light warrior.

This aura illuminates everything around you with positive energy that helps inspire other people to better themselves and be a source of good for all.

Tapping into this aura can also help you use spirituality techniques to help others and provide comfort and relief.

Noticing the good in other people and using it to help make positive changes in their lives is what a light warrior does regularly.

Being a light warrior you want things to happen now

If you find yourself lounging on the sofa watching your favorite TV show and a sudden wave of emotion enshrouds you beckoning you to act now to help others – you are most probably a light warrior.

Light warriors don’t just help people get away from the darkness; they also protect them from it. If you have a knack for noticing impending calamities and helping people avoid them, you’re on your way to unlocking your full potential.

Whatever it may be

Your call and reason to be a warrior of light doesn’t simply have to revolve around helping other people.

Helping the world in any way is considered an act of light warriors – rescuing animals, providing environmental relief, planting trees, or dealing with economical issues all are attributed to the aspects of a light warrior.

You just can’t stop

No matter how much you try to stop, no matter how much you’ve resisted your beckoning to being a light warrior, it just doesn’t go away.

This is the best sign to notice when trying to realize your awakening into a light warrior. Being a light warrior is natural and it can’t be avoided.

Thus light warriors will always be moving forward with their heroic purpose!

What Are The Lightworker, Gifts, Missions, And Symptoms?

The signs and symptoms of lightworkers are based on action, disposition, and thought rather than the physical symptoms often associated with other soul states.

You are psychic

Lightworkers tend to be psychic, but not all are clairvoyants.

The first batch of lightworkers who came here were the psychic ones, and these lightworkers began by reading channeled information.

As a Lightworker you are probably psychic because you have an interest in communicating with your spirit guides.

You are sensitive

As a lightworker your spirit is very pure, many of the negative and cruel things happening in this world can be tough for you to understand.

You also may have difficulty dealing with people who have intense emotions like anger.

You are committed to personal growth

Being a lightworker, you will experience much emotional turmoil.

Life may stretch you to your limits but you are acutely aware of the process, and you work through it for the greater good.

It’s okay to be alone

As a Lightworker you are isolated from others, misunderstood or lonely.

Since you don’t like picking up negative energy and emotions from other people, it’s important for you to spend time alone.

You may be a Starseed

As a lightworker, you may feel a connection to stars, or you may feel like you incarnated on earth, but you are from somewhere else in the universe.

A strong desire to help people

As a Lightworker you are very empathic, so it’s natural for you to help others. Lightworker’s take up jobs as a counselor, nurse, or even a teacher, lightworkers are dedicated to making a solid contribution to humanity.

You are a voice for Humankind

As a Lightworker you are a voice for humankind, you do this with your creative expression.

You find great fulfillment using your self-expression, knowledge, creativity and intuitive nature to make an impact on people you meet.

A strong sense of spiritual self.

This is important to a lightworker, as it is this intuitive connection to the spiritual world that allows them to engage in the sheer amount of healing they feel driven to do.

Practices self-healing regularly.

All lightworkers need to maintain clear, high-frequency energy within their subtle bodies.

Being a vegan can really help with this, as your vibration is naturally higher when you don’t eat any animal products.

It is near impossible to heal others when you are yourself plagued by negative energy. Healing, like charity, begins at home.

Enhanced empathy.

Again, very important as it is empathy that allows the lightworker to understand the negative energies that plague people, as well as providing them with the motivation to cleanse that energy to help others.

Humble and lacks materialism.

Ego, money, fame, recognition – none of it matters to the lightworker.

They are content to fulfil their mission quietly and without reward, purely for the good of humanity.

Lightworkers don’t do what they do for money, even if the reality of life in the modern world might require charging for their services.

Close ties to Mother Earth.

Lightworkers absolutely love to get out into nature.

Nothing brings more pleasure than being surrounded by the bounty of Mother Earth, with its endless beauty.

They tend to have a strong affinity with animals, especially dogs, and birds.

Lights up a room.

Lightworkers spread positive energies wherever they go and, while many prefer to live a solitary life, everybody is happy to see them.

When a lightworker turns up to a party, the mood shifts, conflicts come to a close, and smiles spread rapidly like a happy version of the common cold.

Knows their mission is of absolute importance.

This is the big one. Lightworkers – even if they are unaware that that is what they are – understand their purpose and know its importance.

It doesn’t matter if they articulate it, it’s far more about how their mission fits into their soul.

A lightworker does not need to know they are a lightworker to feel the absolute importance of spreading light and love into the world.

Sheer selflessness

Majority of the human population does things for a secret motive. Some do it for fame, while others tend to work assiduously to get their hands on a treasure trove. But not Lightworkers!

Sheer selflessness drives them to do what’s right and induces a sense of unparalleled humanity inside them. Their ways are indiscernible.

They will do things as they please without any hidden motive or hope for a reward. Kindness is liberally woven into their soul.

Boldness and Fearlessness

Everyone has their fears, but lightworkers hold their worries captive instead of falling out of step because of them.

They are audacious and dogged in their endeavours. Nothing can impede their progress if they’re on a mission to help someone.

If they are helping a loved one, and the loved one is unwilling to take their help, it will not matter to them.

They will disregard their wishes for the greater good, and at the end of the day, the loved one will be glad that the lightworker did not listen to them.


Lightworkers are social pariahs. They will isolate themselves from the material world because they find nothing of importance in it. They perceive reality all too well.

To them, human societies are nothing but an illusionary deception hiding a greater truth. That is why they have minimal friends and alliances.

A lightworker undergoes a string of tests and harrowing experiences

Lightworkers have a hard life. They are always beset by troubling situations and unexpected tests, so they can learn from these rough patches of life, and emerge enlightened and strong.

This equips them to understand the suffering of others in a better way.

It makes it easier for them to help others find the path to salvation and peace.

If you’re undergoing phases of intense physical and emotional strain at an adolescent age, life might be preparing you to perform your duties as a lightworker in the not so distant future. Buckle up!

Lightworker Careers – Many Ways To Excel

Your particular skills are in dire need all over the world! People are awakening, and they are in need of light and guidance from those who wield their higher selves.

If you are a Lightworker looking for a new career, then these are the areas you should be looking into:

1. Healing & Health

You may choose to go for a more conventional healing career, for example, nursing, medicine, physiotherapy, counseling and psychiatry – but you could also go for the alternative route.

The alternative route is energy healing, which encompasses a broad set of career paths including:

– Guidance
– Herbal Medicine
– Crystal Healing
– Reiki
– Massage
– Cosmic Healing

In fact, any skills that you have that could be used to help others to live happier; healthier lives could be employed in a healing profession.

There is a wealth of information and many courses online that can help you to develop your healing skills.

This is one of the best Lightworker careers because a lot of people are looking for these kinds of healing services right now.

2 Mediumship & Channelling

Earth is at the center of things right now, meaning that there is a multitude of spirits and higher beings that are trying to deliver messages here.

By developing your channeling skills and pursuing a career as a Medium, you could help to bring comfort and closure to all kinds of people.

It is actually quite easy to learn the necessary skills if you already have the talent, which all Lightworkers do.

There are a lot of online resources available, including podcasts, videos, and tutorials, as well as a huge number of books by respected practitioners.

This isn’t an easy way to make money, but it is rewarding work, and if you can develop your relationships, then you can support yourself on it.

3 Spiritual Arts

If you have a particular talent for art or music, then there is a lot of demand for spiritual art at the moment.

A talent for design and the practical skills needed to make the ideas manifest is required, but this is a respected path for Lightworkers.

Channeling higher power and spiritual light through music and art is a wonderful experience and can bring people joy while helping them to attune to higher vibrations.

This isn’t just restricted to traditional arts like painting and sculpture.

Designs for clothing, posters, tattoos – all of these are love and light through artistic expression and can help with the healing journey of others.

It should be said that this is one of the Lightworker careers that is unlikely to make you a living, but it could be a nice little income on the side that has the added benefit of bringing you fulfillment in your soul mission.

4 Teaching & Guruship

There are two routes you can take here, traditional or spiritual.

Teaching can be a fulfilling career for Lightworkers because guiding children to be kinder, more loving people is a key responsibility of anybody caring for them.

You could choose the spiritual route instead and become a Guru.

Becoming very knowledgeable on a particular subset of spiritual information can be very valuable if you know how to market yourself.

Yoga is particularly good for those looking to make a comfortable living as there are plenty of resources online that can help you learn and plenty of people in the community to help you.

A lot of people who are not spiritual are also taking up Yoga, which is perfect for a Lightworker.

5. Sell “New Age” Products

This one you really have to be passionate about, but if you love candles, aromatherapy, oils, crystals, vegan products or organic cosmetics then you could be well suited to making and selling these products yourself!

Learn about marketing and other business skills before you go putting money into this that you can’t afford to lose.

You should also make sure you are very aware of the products you are selling and that you are not harming the environment, animals, or contributing to exploitation.

In other words, make sure to research everything before you do anything.

6. Become A Psychic

This is one of the more promising Lightworker careers. You can make a good living as a psychic if you know how to market yourself.

There are places all over the internet where you can advertise your psychic powers for those who need some insight.

Tarot readings are very popular at the moment.

A good place to start is to post in Facebook groups for psychics and tarot readers and ask for help – many of your fellow Lightworkers would be more than happy to help you learn.

7 Writing

You could start a blog and begin writing articles on spirituality topics, though this is not something you can do half-heartedly as it takes a long time to see a decent return.

Writing books can be very rewarding but also very time consuming, and getting published is very difficult with so many people writing these days.

If you don’t want to waste time waiting for publishers, you could go the self-publishing route, but be aware that you will have to do all the marketing yourself and there are other costs involved.

8. Humanitarian Work

Although most people think of charity work as being voluntary, there are actually many opportunities for people to earn a modest living working full time for charities.

Much of this involves very hard work that most people would not have the courage and determination to do, so you really have to commit to going this route.

However, helping the planet and the people and animals on it is exactly where any Lightworker wants to be.

There are few things you can do to find a more fulfilling life than one spent in service, so if you are looking for an adventure, this might be the path for you.