Are You a Natural Born Medium?

In this article, you will learn if you are a natural born medium. What is a medium? A medium is someone who uses his/her psychic and intuitive abilities to see the past, present and future events of the person. They do this by tuning into the person’s spirit energy.

The mediums rely on the presence of the non-physical for information which is relevant to the person they are reading.


So If You Are Psychic Then You Are a Medium?

The person who is psychic isn’t a medium, but an individual who is a medium is also psychic. This is the important distinction between the two.

Psychics tend to tune into the energy of people or objects by sensing their past, present and future. So a psychic relies more on their psychic ability to gather information. A natural born medium uses their psychic ability to tune into spirit energy, they can collect information from dead people or spirits.

Also, natural born mediums tend to develop their skills much later in life even though the abilities were present in their childhood.

Listed below are signs that you may be a natural born medium, these signs apply to you whether you noticed them when you were a child or at a mature age.

As a Child, You Feared The Dark

You fear the dark because you heard your name being called out or you saw faces and shadows moving about in your room. You always wanted a nightlight near you, so you were able to sleep peacefully.

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Vivid Dreams

You tend to have nightmares or dreams that are very vivid. As a child, you probably had more nightmares, but now your dreams are more of the vivid kind.

You Are Sensitive To Energy

You seem to be very sensitive to people’s energy; you also tend to take on their emotions.

Visitors in Your Dreams

You get visitors in your dreams from people who have departed; sometimes they are beings from another dimension who talk to you or have messages for you.

You Hear Voices

Sometimes you hear voices and when there is no one even speaking to you. They call your name, or you hear soft whispering from somewhere.

You Sense Presence In a Room

There are times when you feel the presence in a room and others cannot. It could be that you feel a cold breeze touch you when there’s no wind. Alternatively, you feel a sensation that there is someone around.

Out of Body Experiences

Sometimes you have out of body experiences, where you can look back and see your body. You can hurdle through space or even pass by stars at great speeds. You have encountered other beings in the astral realm.

High Sense From an Object

You can describe a person’s personality from holding an object belonging to them. This is called psychometry. You have the ability to interpret the energy that has accumulated within the object from its owner.

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You See Symbols or Colour Around People

You often see symbols or colours around people, and you know the meaning of it, you can see the individual’s aura or energy signature.

Inspired Messages

Sometimes you can deliver life changing and inspired messages to people, but you are never sure where that message came from.

Feel Tingles or Hear Buzzing Sound

There are times when you feel tingles or hear buzzing sounds in your ear.

Can You Become a Medium?

You do have the innate psychic ability to some degree. However, some people have it more so than others. A medium has spent a long time honing their psychic ability to use it for readings.

Communicating with spirits on the other side is a rare gift. This gift does come naturally to some; you can also develop them as long as you have the patience and the right teacher.


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