Are You a Psychic Empath?

Someone who’s a psychic empath tends to have a unique and rare gift of having the ability to feel all the emotions around them like they were feeling their own. Some people have this particular power from birth, and generally don’t seem understand they are special until they have gone into their teens, they’re special from most others. In their child hood psychic empaths tend to be sensitive and shy, and in many cases are perplexed by how people react to them being sensitive.

This power isn’t the same as the standard human capacity of feeling empathy for others. With empathy, most people seem to relate to another persons emotions, however they will never feel them like a psychic empath would. They need guidance to learn how to block other peoples emotions. Psyhic empaths need a lot of time alone to keep their emotions balanced.psychic empath 1


You may find empaths working in counselling, social work and energy work. Many people seem to be attracted to empaths, frequently telling them personal information about their lives, empaths seem to be extremely proficient at listening to people without even judging them.

What are the known abilities of psychic empath?

There are many kinds of empaths which specialize in unique types of psychic work. One of them is psychometry which is the ability where the empath gets impressions from things. Law enforcement occasionally utilize this ability to help solve many violent crimes.

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Another ability is mediumship, which is the capability to feel and correspond with souls and spirits. In exactly the same manner, psychic empaths assist other people to treat emotional injuries.psychic empath 2

Some empaths have the rare ability to find water, some are very good at connecting with nature and animals. Empaths might possess the capacity to perceive when events are going to happen, this is called precognition. Another special ability is claircognizance which is the ability where the empath understands just what must be done in a given instance, very useful during crisis. Empaths are very self assured and peaceful, this calm energy allows confidence in others.

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While it seems like empaths have very important abilities, the cost is usually quite high for them. Empaths in many cases are misunderstood, occasionally being subject to belittling comments for what they say. They also may have problems with unexpected allergies as well as physical and emotional break downs, things that doctors cannot diagnose, other times they may be especially sensitive to their surroundings.

Are you a psychic empath? Do you feel a connection to any of these abilities?



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