Are You An Empath And Sensitive To Energy?

Are you sensitive to energy, are you an empath? Part of life is to recognize what type of personality you may have.

When you understand your physical, emotional and mental tendencies this knowledge can assist you to perceive yourself better and even help you prevent suffering. There are many people out there who are starting to recognize that they are an empath. In this article you can learn about the symptoms and characteristics of an empath, our quiz will help determine if you are an empath.


What is an empath? An empath is someone who has the capability to feel the emotional and mental states of other individuals. These people are socially very intelligent, they are good at helping people with their problems. However there is a downside, empaths take on an emotional burden, because they end up feeling what others around them are feeling.are you an empath 1

Being an empath isn’t something to be shameful about or even to feel very strange, its a gift some people have. According to research by Elaine Aron, PhD, who is a psychologist at the Stoney Brook University in New York, 20 percent of the world’s population are prone to be more aware and empathic.

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So being an empath is never a disorder, it’s an innate ability you should never be worried about. Albeit some of the characteristics of empaths make it very difficult to function in a world dominated by people who are less sensitive. There are many positive and negative aspects of being an empath. Listed below are some positive and negative traits that may help you understand if you are an empath.

Personality Traits Of An Empath You Can Recognize

1. People tell you all the time

Friends and family tell you all the time you are to sensitive or you are to emotional. Other people can tell that you can pick up on feelings and signs they didn’t even notice.


2. You are feeling other peoples feelings

You have noticed how sensitive you are to other peoples emotions. Even before someone tells you how they are feeling, you seem to already know. When you enter a room you have a good sense of the general mood of the surroundings.

3. You are overwhelmed by negativity

While other people can tolerate loud voices, anger or conflict, it sends you over the edge. You crave for peace, and avoid negativity as it makes you feel physically sick or in pain.

4. You don’t like being in crowded places because it overwhelms you

You don’t like being crowded places like malls, airports or other public places with lots of people. You tend to feel suffocated and overly excited, you can’t wait to leave.are you an empath bombarded

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5. You have strong intuition

You know things without being told. You can sense what is going to happen or what needs to be done. Your gut feelings seem to be always correct.

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Are You An Empath Quiz

This quiz will help you determine if you are an empath and at which stage you are at. Answer all the questions carefully. Leave a comment if you found this article and quiz helpful.

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