Have you ever had the feeling that something is touching you, but when you look, nothing is there? This could be a Spirit trying to connect with you. Don’t be alarmed, this is special and is usually a loved one reaching out.

Most people are too busy to notice the subtle attempts made by Spirit to be with you, so Spirit will use a lot of energy to try and get your attention and touch you. The type of Spirit I am talking about here is usually a loved one who has passed, one who has found it very hard to leave you because the bond between you is so strong.


The spirit can’t actually touch you, and it is only the projected energy that you feel, it is harmless and their way of showing you they are with you.

This love bond between the two of you can never break, and love is a real energy that transmits between dimensions and keeps souls tied together.

Sometimes you will feel this love energy feel like a warm blanket covering you, and this is because they are so closely linked to you and this Earth, that the energy feels quite dense. The more recent their passing, the more powerful and compact the energy feels.

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This dense energy we feel can often cause anxiety within you, making you feel short of breath, please relax and stay calm when this occurs, enjoy their visit, send them love.

Here Are Some Other Ways Of Feeling Spirit

Noises: You may hear unexplainable footsteps, a door shutting or floor boards creaking.

Your lights and alarms: They may switch on or off or alerts or alarms on your phone, microwave, the stove may just randomly go off, other electrical equipment may suddenly misbehave.

Items in your house move: Items may just disappear then reappear days later, or they might move from place to place.

Seeing shadows: Mostly out the corner of your eye, or standing near your bed when you wake up.

Temperature: The temperature may drop or rise for no apparent reason, then just as quickly go back to normal.

Smells: Fragrance, food smells, tobacco, are critical to Spirit in the way of communicating, they can tell you who they are by bringing a scent to you that you know associated with just them.

Having communication with a loved one after they pass is a gift. Take the time in your daily life to notice when Spirit is reaching out. Namaste