Are You Feeling a Bit Down This Week? This Solar Storm is the Real Reason…

Are you trying to be at your best? Are you eating right, having enough sleep, and doing the activities you like?

But still, if you feel down, then this cosmic event is the primary reason behind what you are feeling.


Sometimes, special events are happening in the surroundings that interfere with our daily routines without us knowing.

No matter how hard you try, but your energy will drop, and you can’t do anything about it.

The Sun is shining with all its beauty over the previous few weeks, but what you can’t notice is that its energy is high as well.

On March 13th, a massive chasm – a 200,000 km wide coronal hole – affected our solar system by sending a high-speed plasma wind.

The ejections from the hole are powerful and have the speed of over 600km/sec. This whole event has placed its impact on the electromagnetic field of the earth and thus led to diverse geomagnetic events.


When the solar winds come in contact with the magnetosphere of earth, earth’s aura gets disturbed – the same thing is happening in this solar storm.

Not only the planet, but its dwellers also face the blow because their electromagnetic aura is connected to the earth’s field.

This storm had the greatest effect on 21st and 26th March. People, who are spiritual, emotional, empathic, mentally sensitive, and energy workers, experienced the greater impact.

You should not be afraid of it, as it is part of personal evolution.

However, to combat with these energy changes, you must take care of yourself by resting, drinking lots of water, meditating, spreading love and by thinking positively.

Ascension flu’ is the major thing to face during this time period.

It is the process that is similar to PC upgrade that involves downloading, installing, restarting and then working with the new changes.


This solar storm initiated a process in you, which the lower density energy must be released to absorb more light and high-density energy. You might face the following symptoms:

  • Increased hunger and thirst
  • Upset stomach and nausea
  • Temporary memory loss
  • Headaches and other pains
  • Anxiety and frustration for no reason
  • Anger over minor matters
  • Heightened intuition and awareness
  • Visuals of energy or light orb
  • Elevated synchronicities
  • Higher energy sensitiveness for positive as well as negative energies
  • Energetic chakras
  • Technology disturbances

All these symptoms depend on where you stand in the ascension process. These storms are like energy boosters, and many lightworkers know how to take advantage of them.

They bring your best abilities to the surface. So, if you also want to get the benefit, you need to eat high energy foods, take care of yourself, spend time in nature, give love, show kindness, and mainly, hold on to yourself at the time of this energy shift.

Begin and end your day by spending some time alone and cleaning your energy; so that, you can absorb more light during the day that would help you in the future.

Article written by spiritualunite. Please link back to the original article when sharing. Namaste.


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