The Ash tree grows in Europe, Asia and some parts of North America.

It is very common, with the Common Ash being the 3rd most common tree in the UK.

The resilience of this wood assures it is used in all sorts of products; Ashwood is famed for its strength.

The tree itself is often linked with strength and power too, though it also relates to ideas of perception, rebirth and wisdom.

The symbolism of the Ash tree is rich and diverse, so let’s dig into the various symbolic interpretations found around the world.

Ash Tree Branches Between Worlds

According to Norse mythology, the Ash tree stretches from the underworld to the heavens. In this way, it links the three realms.

The idea of the Trinity is often linked with the Ash, with other symbolism referring to the perception of past, present and future.

For this reason, it is often linked to the Third Eye chakra. Next time you are doing some healing meditation for your Third Eye, why not incorporate an ash figurine or symbol?


The Ash tree can grow up to 35 metres (115ft) tall and often grow close together, forming thick canopies that can stretch for miles.

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They can also live to the ripe age of 400 years.

The secret to the success of the Ash tree is in its roots, which give it the strength to grow big and stay standing through even the most difficult of times.

Symbolically, this reminds us that our strength is built upon our foundations, so it is essential to pay attention to the basics before getting fussy about less significant things.

Which brings us on to:


This particular species of tree has been closely related to health since our earliest European history.

Returning to the idea of foundations, the Ash tree symbolises the need for a plant-based diet and exercise, good sleeping habits and stress-free home life.

These very basic things are the foundations upon which we build our own happiness, much in the way the Ash tree’s roots provide a foundation for the tree to grow so large.


Like all deciduous trees, the Ash tree loses its leaves in the cold months.

This process has long been symbolic of the process of change and growth, representing the destruction and riddance of the old to make room for the new.

Without winter, no spring.

The Ash tree is also aptly named for the symbol of rebirth, as “to rise from the ashes” is a common saying that means just that.

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Divine Feminine & Masculine

Finally, the Ash tree does something curious – it grows either male or female flowers.

This specialisation represents the ideals of the divine feminine and masculine, symbolising balance between the physical and spiritual realms.

Achieving balance is often the key to strength and wisdom, and it is through the relationships between the individual Ash trees – their closeness and their sexuality – that represents this ideal.

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