Astral Projection Vs Lucid Dreaming: The topic of astral projection and lucid dreaming is a perplexing one. Many people make unsubstantiated claims of knowing the in-depth meanings of these two terms.

Lucid dreamers often have a preference for their talents and condone astral projection altogether. The same can be said for astral projectors. Of course, you’re going to prefer a craft you’re adept in.

While both have similar ends, the means are entirely different. How? Let me explain to you in detail.

What Does Astral Projection Mean?

In astral projection, you helm your dreaming body consciously. You are completely aware of the entire process. For example, meditation entails entering into your dreaming body, without losing control of your senses.

To be quite frank, meditation demands mind-control, otherwise there’s no point in the spiritual practice.

You can take over your conscious body in many ways.

Some people use the classic roping technique, in which they imagine themselves climbing upward on a rope, in an attempt to leave their body.

The Instead thing about astral projections is that you’ll feel more attached to your physical body once you’re out of your dreaming body.

However, this isn’t a possibility at all times. It is your predetermined destination that dictates your out-of-body experience. But, it’s still something that is felt much more in astral projection than lucid dreaming.

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What Does Lucid Dreaming Mean

In lucid dreaming, you only regain consciousness after you’ve slid into your dreaming body.

You have no clue as to how you ended up there. Your conscious mind only awakens at first sight of your dreaming body.

As you’ve already stepped into the dream world, your first glimpses will not be of your room and neither will you be closer to your physical body.

Rather, you’ll be in a distant location in the dream world. You can opt to go back to your room or see your physical-self depending on what you’re trying to achieve.

Classifying WILD ― Lucid or Astral?

Wake Induced Lucid Dream or WILD is a phenomenon where your senses are completely mystified.

When does it occur? It happens when a person deliberately tries to fall asleep ― conscious of the entire process.  So, in other words, it is a highly evolved form of astral projection.

Most people, however, are bound to lose consciousness, for at least a small period, during the entire process. It’s inevitable because the realms have subtle abstractions that fail to stick to your memory.

Many people might negate my opinion. They might attribute WILD to astral projection rather than lucid dreaming.

Whatever the case is, it’s always important to know the underlying differences between lucid dreaming and astral projection.

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Astral projection: Consciously transitioning into the dreaming body. In simple words, it means, deliberately falling asleep.

Lucid dreaming: Having no knowledge of the transition. Only realising you’re in the dream world when you’re in it.

Remember, astral projection Vs lucid dreaming is not a battle, it’s an experience. Understanding them both can make the navigation of the dream world a breeze.