Astral travel in dreams is a psychic ability that we all have access to once we have awakened our light body.

It allows us to travel the astral plane while our bodies are asleep.

Dreams are essential to the soul as it is the time when we are most untethered to the physical plane.

We are in a purer astral form and therefore can do things that our physical body won’t allow us to do.

Lessons, messages, ideas, and epiphanies arrive in the middle of the night for precisely this reason.

They are inspiration from the travels your astral body has taken.

What Is Astral Travel In Dreams

Astral travel in dreams is what allows you to connect with the power of the astral plane, traversing the universe and tapping into higher wisdom.

During your dreams, you are at your peak spiritual power; you have direct access to your soul.

Before unlocking your light body, you will engage in some adventures in your dreams.

You won’t be able to do it consciously unless you are a natural lucid dreamer, but while you are sleeping your higher self is very busy traveling the astral plane.

You were busy learning lessons and working through the issues that are troubling your subconscious mind.

It is an integral part of being human; we are spiritual beings.

Some people who unlock their light body and gain control over their powers can direct their spiritual progress through this medium.

However, there are some dangers in doing this.

A lot of people seem to worry about negative energy beings and demonic attack while traveling, but the chances of you encountering something your higher self cannot handle is remote.

After all, you have been traveling all of your life without ever running into trouble – you just weren’t conscious of it!

The real danger is becoming obsessed with this ability to the point that it starts to get in the way of your waking life.

Remember, your waking life is far more important to your soul than your adventures in higher dimensions.

It is on Earth that you learn to survive, grow, and improve – journeying on a higher plane is just a way of getting the most out of your experiences in the real world.

Signs Of Astral Travel In Dreams

There are some signs that you can look out for if you suspect your higher self might have been busy during the night:

  • The dreams are vivid and realistic, seeming exactly like being awake.
  • The setting is somewhere you have never been. You are traveling, not reliving a memory.
  • You wake up feeling exhausted. Physically you might feel fine, but it feels like you’ve been studying for a test for 8 hours rather than sleeping.
  • People appear blurred or distorted. Often you will see people as their energy field or aura rather than as physical forms.
  • Other visual distortions.
  • Audio distortions.
  • When you wake up, it feels as though you have just jolted back into your body from elsewhere.

Above all, if you get the sense that a dream wasn’t just a regular dream, then you should trust your intuition.

You have the knowledge and wisdom within you to separate the two if you trust your higher senses.