Every now and then, we find ourselves in a position so depressing that it actually seems impossible for us to get our life back on the track again.  Whether it be a mid-university slump or a post-grad one; slumps are those horrible pit-holes that once you fall into can be quite difficult to climb out of.

Thus, you resort to finding all these various ways to cope up with it without actually thinking about the real cause of it. This is where your astrological guide comes into play. Providing you a brief knowledge about your personality traits based upon your characteristic zodiac signs, astrology can actually help you recognize the causes of these slumps and enable you to deal with them in an even better way.


Astrological Guide for Aries

Being the most commanding and determined of all the signs, Aries are born leaders. Thus, an Aries tends to feel at his absolute worst when they’re subjected to situations where they lack taking charge. So in order for an Aries to de-slump, he must always remember to play to his strengths and try burying himself with a whole new range of projects and assignments where he can actually lead the pack and make a difference.

Astrological Guide for Taurus

While taurians are often described as the friendliest of the lot, they are perhaps the most stubborn as well. Their inability to budge from their plans may just be the reason for their slumps since change leads to growth and without growth, life becomes pretty monotonous. Thus for a Taurus to actually get out of such slumps, he really needs to start introducing some change into his life!

Astrological Guide for Gemini

Since Geminis love to talk, their strongest personality trait is their ability to communicate. Their smart and funny nature makes them the best of communicators. They feel the happiest when engaged in conversations and love to pour their hearts out to people. So when a Gemini hits that slump in his life, it’s very important for him to reconnect with people. To reach out to them and just talk. That’s it.

Astrological Guide for Cancer

Ah! The emotional rollercoaster of all the signs; cancers’ sensitive nature can often turn a good old slump into an entire depressive episode. Their kindness and compassion, although is the trademark of their personality but when failed to get reciprocated can leave cancer in an absolute mess, causing them to retract into their own shell of isolation. Thus, in order to cope up with this emotional hell, a Cancer should try letting all out by either writing in a journal or for example, playing an instrument, like the piano.


Astrological Guide for Leo

Lights stage Leo! Since Leo’s are the most charming and magnetic people ever, they tend to light up the stage wherever they go. However, Leo tends to go down this spiral of self-doubt and low esteem when they’re unable to get as much attention and appreciation as they usually want. Thus in times like these, it is very important for Leo to believe in himself and celebrate those little victories in life!

Astrological Guide for Virgo

Being huge control-freaks, Virgos really tend to lose all their calm when things start falling apart or when they can no longer exercise their control over things around them for there is nothing that can drive a Virgo crazy more than chaos. Thus, the only way for them to recover from this slump is to organize their thoughts and actions to direct things smoothly once again.

Astrological Guide for Libra

Libras are often known for their kind and caring nature. The ability of a Libra to make everyone feel loved and wanted is what makes him the most unique. However, the only thing in life that can really throw a Libra into a slump is his indecisiveness. Not being able to make a decision is, in fact, Libra’s biggest pet peeve. Therefore, the only way to cope up with this is to take immediate charge and make a decision based upon your initial most gut feeling!

Astrological Guide for Scorpio

Scorpions often find themselves in a tight spot when things don’t seem to go their way. Since they’re extremely headstrong, it’s not difficult for a Scorpio to pull himself out of these slumps by harnessing their inner strengths to their absolute best.

Astrological Guide for Sagittarius

There is nothing worse than confinement to set off a Sagittarius since they’re the most adventure loving and free-spirited of the lot. They tend to get highly frustrated when they feel restricted or bound. Thus the only way for a Sagittarius to pull himself out of this frustration is to explore, travel, and discover!

Astrological Guide for Capricorn

Capricorns are strugglers. They have always been and will always be. Their paths in life are filled with rocks and hurdles making them lose all the sight of their struggles and causing them to give up. Thus it is highly important for a Capricorn not to let these setbacks bring him down since you can’t expect to have a rainbow without a little rain.

Astrological Guide for Aquarius

These free-spirited beings love to stand out from the crowd and absolutely loathe being confined within the usual norms and cultures of the society. They love to be appreciated for their uniqueness and end up isolating themselves from the world when subjected to these norms. So during times like these, it’s best for an Aquarian to rediscover himself and make decisions based on his own choices.


Astrological Guide for Pisces

The one thing that Pisces are the most known for is their empathy. The empathy that although makes them the most caring of the lot can also end up making them the most vulnerable of all the signs. Their innate ability to help others around them by providing them a listening ear can often make them feel highly overwhelmed and depressive.

Thus, a Pisces feels the absolute happiest when trying to reconnect with his inner self and forgetting about the world for once!

Although slumps are a part of our lives and no matter what you do, you can’t possibly avoid falling into one of them every now and then; knowing about the things that can pull you out of these pit holes may provide you with just the armor you need against the next one!

By: Federico Rojas

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