Tomorrow, on the 15th of May, Wednesday, the planets Mars and Venus will alter their signs and will push people to better concentrate on their own relationships.

This will be a quite sensual week since the cosmic lovebirds Mars and Venus are likely to slip into completely new indications tomorrow, and the enchanting Full Moon in Scorpio will set a spring fever on Saturday.


The vixen Venus will break ground in the tactile and tender sign of Taurus. Since the 20th of April, she was kicking up her red soles from the lively and fiery sign of Aries. The restless energy from that stage made it quite difficult to pin anything and anyone down.

But as it will be in the indication of Taurus for about three weeks, we are going to encounter clarity. We ought to quit pulling the petals of the cherry blossoms and just be. Our intuition will immediately make the decision if we love or we don’t love them.

With the planet Venus in this sign, the following several weeks are going to be decadent. It follows that we must take everything gradually, and embrace the artistic spirit of this outdated courtship ritual.

While we are actually at it, we ought to save some money for a tasting menu of a main with a few wine pairings. This cycle of the planet Venus is money-minded also.

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We should tighten up our handbag’s strings, so as to save some cash, for products which fall in the class of
practical luxury.


For the ones that are in relationships, the Venus cycle will be an excellent time to speak more about how they appreciate it. In reality, in their ways of paying to their ethical beliefs, Venus may keep such talks proactive and calm.
The hot planet Mars is going to cool certain burning embers, as it will change in the flirty indication of Gemini to the homespun and affectionate indication of Cancer.

Following the seven intense weeks, we are going to feel grateful for this dip, since it will also help us in digesting everything that’s trapped inside us because the 31st of March.


As restless it floats down the lazy river of Cancer before the 1st of July, the waters could become turbulent sometimes. We will feel sensitive and prickly, but thats not what may worry us.

When a individual claims he or she’s fine, we should not take those words to be serious. It will definitely be a wrong notion to initiate a conversation with all the strain.

However, when we see that we’ve got a chance to talk, we ought to do that. We should simply address the problem independently if we could. When people are insisting on stonewalling, the very best thing we can do is proceed.
Our home is assumed to feel comfy and not bombarded with stress and drama. However, Mars is a warrior, and it might ratchet up some tough vibes with roommates and family.

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With the courageous planet Mars being in the indication of Cancer before the 1st of July, strong female leaders will keep stepping forward.
The Full Moon occurring in the indication of Scorpio will come on our way on Saturday. It will charge our air with seduction and mystery. It will also provide us with clarity, which is going to be liberating.