I wanted to write today about learning about attachment, coming from a story of what I had felt was rejection, attachment and loss.

It is through the learning of the attachment and its meanings, that in fact nothing is truly ours, but our attachment to it is.


You see we assume that something we love and aspire too so much is ours based on our desire to have it close to our heart so much. and close to us, because of the connection that we feel to that very person, situation or circumstance.

So you can understand that when it means so much and it starts to slip away, it brings up feelings of loss, rejection and being abandoned, this I believe is rooted in our childhood story, especially if you have had an unemotionally unavailable parent for some reason and have not felt heard, validated or acknowledged as a child, there can be a tendency to seek outside of “self” for that validation.

In us I believe is a child that has never felt heard, and quite often as an adult with adult responsibilities we forget to give our inner child a little space to be a child, we forget to play, we forget to let our hair down based on the feelings of loss associated with attachment when something falls away, be it naturally or forced, or because it isn’t right.

Nothing is truly every ours, but the perception of it being so is, we place attachment of feelings to it, then when the expectation starts to materialise differently based on when we originally started it brings up feelings of attachment, loss and rejection.

But where do we truly reject ourselves? we reject ourselves by believing that we can place our happiness in the hands of something or someone outside of ourselves to make us happy.


Whereas when you feel connected in the present moment to a person, situation or circumstance, with an open mind, without attachment, you pave the way for you to experience true joy by living in the moment. In truth we never truly know what is going to happen tomorrow, let alone next month or next year.

Yes we are a nation of souls who like to feel safe, reassured, secure in the knowledge that what we may be entering into has some security, but isn’t life a risk? aren’t relationships a risk? without a degree of uncertainty.

We naturally desire to feel safe and secure in the knowledge that what is ours is ours, but in truth nothing is really ours, apart from our mind, body and spirit that we have been given as a vessel to experience rich earthly experiences, to grow, evolve and live out our soul contract of agreement, with the choice of freewill, to make choices either to raise ourselves to our highest vibration, or from a lower vibration based on there still being healing work to do.

Attachment is based on emotions that are placed on a situation, person or circumstance of a desired outcome, if you can allow yourself to be in the moment with a flexible approach to life and events, that things can and do change and build emotional resilience to these changes, just then, maybe you may pave the way for learning to deal with the winds of attachment.

Nothing is yours, but what you experience in the moment simply IS.


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Susan Lawrence


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