August 2017 Astrology Update

AUGUST is  MONKEY MONTH until the American Eclipse on Aug 21

July 23 2017 was a new Moon in Fire sign LEO. The new Moon on August 21 will also be in Leo this year, and that new Moon will be a solar eclipse. Under the influence of Leo, during the next two lunar months there will be many opportunities for new ways to enhance your creativity.


Monkey is considered a lucky astrology sign. Monkey is king in Chinese astrology, just as Leo is king in Western astrology. Magical Monkey is a fearless hero who is ingenious, entertaining, and mercurial making this month good to pursue goals and take risks. Under the influence of wily Monkey, anything can happen!

Fortunately, this is the month of the Earth Monkey, the gold Monkey. Earth qualities of honesty, practicality, and loyalty enrich Monkey’s character and bring needed stability. Opportunities are strongest for Fire signs Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries and those born in Monkey, Rat, Dragon, and Snake years.


The full Moon in Aquarius on August 7 is a lunar eclipse.

The new Moon in Leo on August 21 is a solar eclipse.


August 7 2017 was a full Moon and lunar eclipse. Eclipses heighten emotion, intuition, and instinct. This full Moon was in Air sign Aquarius for new ideas and ways of communication. It’s fortunate to expand your circle during the remainder of this lunar cycle, and the next 2 weeks are good for new learning.


During the eclipse, the Sun conjuncted Mars in Leo for extra energy and courage. But under the influence of Mars, people can be irritable. If this occurs, stay aware of the big picture and not fan any flames.

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Fortunately, during the eclipse the Sun sextiled Jupiter in Libra that is lucky for relationships and brings ease with colleagues. Plus the Sun trined Saturn in Sagittarius to organize effectively so that your efforts achieve lasting results. An ideal time to organize is during the Mercury retrograde cycle that began on August 12.


August 12 to September 5


Traditionally in astrology, Mercury retrograde can be a time of miscommunication, technology problems, and items lost or misplaced. But Mercury retrograde during this Fire Phoenix year can be an excellent time to focus on detailed tasks such as catching up on financial matters, and doing feng shui your home or office.

From August 12 to 30, Mercury is retrograde in Earth sign Virgo. Mercury is comfortable in rulership sign Virgo. This is very good for detailed analysis and review. Plus Phoenix correlates to the western sign Virgo, so 2017 Phoenix year energy works well with Virgo’s cerebral approach.

From August 31 to September 5, Mercury retrogrades back into Fire sign Leo. Communication is direct, and you can cover much ground. Be aware if people become bossy or demanding. Should there be ego disputes, wait out the Mercury retrograde cycle. We still feel the Mercury retrograde influence until the new Moon on September 19 that begins a new lunar cycle.

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