Discover the Aura Colors and their Meaning

Aura Colors And Meanings: Have you ever come across someone who seemed to have a “glow” around them? If you have you were witnessing their aura. Though we operate with five senses every day we mistakenly find the use of a six sense.

We might say that when we are around someone that we get a “bad feeling or bad vibe” around them. That is that sixth sense kicking in to warn us of danger. When children first start drawing people they might use one color for one person and one color for another.


They are drawing what they pick up using that sixth sense. It is the color they see which is called that person’s aura. After they are told that is not the way things really look than they learn to function at a lower level.

Aura Colors And Meanings What They Are

So what exactly is an aura? Everything in nature is made up of vibrations. Every particle and atom, light and sound, people and animals even our thoughts are just a combination of vibrations. An aura is an electro-photonic vibration in reaction to something it encounters.aura colors and meanings 2

A simple and popular example is the Northern Lights or also known as the Aroura Borealis. Those beautiful dancing lights in the sky are nothing more than when the magnetosphere is disturbed by solar wind and causes a reaction or vibration in the protons and neutrons. This causes a color to appear depending on the location in the stratosphere.

It is the same with people and you can train yourself to see the aura of those around you. Do you remember seeing a picture of Jesus, Mary, Buddha or a Saint and there was a yellow circle around their head? That is because gold is the color associated with divine, spiritual, or a good person.

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If you look carefully and train your eyes you can see the people around you for who they really are. This would be fantastic on that first date or go into a business meeting. How about your teenager who swears they will be staying with a friend when you go out of town? You can tell if a person is honest or out to cause harm.


You can see the anger hiding under the surface or is this a person who can bring peace and stability to your life. This is defiantly one skill you can develop to help you get through life with a little less drama and pain.

Training Yourself To See Aura colors And Meanings

By training yourself to “see” and understand the color of auras you can even bring healing into your own life. When you look at your reflection what do you see around you? Do you see red which can mean pain, bitterness, or anger? Maybe you see yellow the color of optimism.

Knowing the colors of auras can help you improve the quality of your life and the lives of those you love. We all strive to be the best we can and know what others are picking up when you’re around them can give you an edge. With training, you can even learn how to change your aura and bring healing to your mind, your body, and your soul.

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How do you train your brain to see what you are not seeing? Seeing an aura, training your brain to start using both hemispheres of your brain. Our eyes operate much like our T.V. set do. They put our favorite television shows together using red, green, and blue pixels or called RGB.

Our photosensitive cells operate much the same way. When our eyes are moving or something moves in front of us it is like seeing 25 TV screen frames a second. The optic nerve grabs the impulses which transmit it to our brains which capture the signal run it through our RGB and we do this all is a split second. When we stare at a small black dot on a white paper in our peripheral vision you will see colored dots.

That is that process in action. So what does this have to do when trying to see someone aura? Let your eyes not see just the person like that black dot but the colors around them. Then study this short list of color definitions. You might find those you think you know may have something hidden just beyond the naked eye.

There are many resources to study about aura colors and meanings. Here is a short color chart.aura colors and meanings


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