With the majority of the world’s population living in cement cities, filled with toxic fumes, people and energies bombarding us from every direction, our youth rarely get the opportunity to begin awakening their psychic abilities at a young age.

This means many never begin to experience their first abilities until high school or college, so they must work to open their abilities unless they are one of those blessed with their abilities at birth.


If you have no idea what your psychic abilities may be and want to learn through natural means, begin by learning to feel the energy. One of the easiest ways is to simply relax for a few moments and allow all of the stress to release from your body.

When you are ready, find a comfortable place to sit. Hold your hands in front of you, with your fingers pointing straight out from your body. Your hands should be 3 to 4 inches apart. Hold them there for a few moments.

Allow your attention to move to your palms. Do you feel anything? Spend a few moment examining with your mind, what, if anything you are feeling with your palms. When you are ready, begin to move your hands slowly apart (5 or 6 inches will do), then push them back together without allowing them to touch.

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Do this repeatedly for a minute or two, and you should start to feel a slight pulling as you pull them apart and resistance or pressure building when you push them together.

What you are feeling is your own life force, the part some people would call your aura. It is a form of energy scientist have yet to learn how to measure, but we can feel it with our own skin.

Once you have felt your own life force energy, take the opportunity to stand with your arm close enough to another person that you can feel their life force energy.

Many people can feel the energy through clothing, but some, in the early stages of learning do best while both parties have bare arms.

The more often you can experiment with feeling energies, the faster your own psychic abilities will being to show.

Learning to feel life force energies awaken your ability to receive other types of energies. From that point on, it is more a matter of learning to interpret those energies, and that will come naturally with experience and time.

Denise Freeman, aka FernOwl
Owner: Holistic Humanity where we teach all psychic abilities and other psychoenergetic subjects.