An Empath’s world is tuned to a higher frequency. They resonate with others around them, and yet he feels thoroughly eclectic.

Ambivalence is evident in their behaviour. Their emotions run the gamut from happiness and ecstasy to sorrow and intense grief.

They are a highly sensitive being who experiences a sensory overload, whenever they are exposed to different situations and scenarios.

Even if they try to suppress their emotions, they bubble violently and fizz out unwillingly. Being in a relationship with an empath is a roller-coaster ride.

People who fall in love with them discover a treasure-trove of emotions. They feel things that they’ve never felt in their lives before.

Here’s what being in a relationship with an empath is like,

Empaths require undivided attention

Empaths lack the ability to close themselves off to the outside world. They feel everything profoundly and are not afraid to express their concerns and thoughts.

So, if you’re in a relationship with an empath, you won’t have to second-guess about what they’re feeling or thinking. One look at us, and we’ll give ourselves away.

However, you have to pay extra attention to our emotions, because they’re a huge part of us. Negligence on your part can make us feel alone and isolated.

We have an innate desire to be coddled and spoiled.

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They can easily sense insincerity

We’re highly adept at perceiving others emotions. They know instantly if you’re feeling depressed or mentally distraught.

They will not hesitate to rush for your help, and give you moral support. They will not leave your side, until you’re back to normal.

But, they also figure out in a heartbeat if you’re deliberately hurting our emotions, and being dishonest with us. They won’t tolerate such behaviour.

We have high expectations from partners in a relationship because when we love honestly, we want the same in return.

They rely heavily on their intuition

It doesn’t matter what your close friends and relatives say about you.  Their only judge of character is your vibe.

If they get good vibes from you, then they will require no additional proof of your love. They trust you with all our heart, and never question your sincerity.

On the other hand, if they sense something wrong about you, simply walk away. Their intuition has guided them their whole life.

It has rescued them from turbulent waves of indecision. So, if it says that you’re not the right one, then for them, that’s the final word.

They feel broken when heartbroken

They undergo severe pain in their lives. It has familiarised them with heartbreak. If they break up with a close friend or a soul mate, they feel mentally broken.

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Their soul shatters, and sadness completely shrouds them. They wallow in this state endlessly.

However, this doesn’t mean that they can be manipulated. They are blessed with incredible tenacity and rise even stronger after such tragedies.