I have been doing a lot of thinking about our existence on this planet we call earth, and as a spiritual mentor it would be irresponsible of me to not share these thoughts, as part of our thinking.

When I was born there were 2.5 billion people upon this Earth,(70 years ago)yet now there are 6.5 billion. It is predicted that at our current growth rate, that there will be 9 billion by the year 2050.


Most of this growth will happen in the underdeveloped world where there is already a crisis, and at the same time some areas of the world will decrease in population.

These figures are fact, not fiction! So where is the world heading?

On a purely human level, how do we feed another almost 30% more people?spiritual experience

Only 1% of the worlds water is drinkable, and this has always been the case and never increased. Already 1 billion people do not have pure clean drinking water.

How do we house and find work for this 3 billion extra people?


When I look at the above, as an empath it makes me worry, because I truly care about everybody upon this planet. But, as a simple human I realise I cannot solve the worlds problems, I can only do my little bit in my own world.

The truth is in fact that the biggest problem the world faces is not global warming, it is consumerism! we consume far more than we need to feed our Ego’s.

Did you know that to make x1 pair of jeans it uses 15,000 litres of water, to make x1 T shirt takes 5000 litres. To grow enough cotton to make x1 shirt takes 30,000 litres of water. So the way we can do our bit is to stop consuming so much.

Another way we can help is to only elect the politicians that genuinely care about the world we live on and prepared to make changes.

I am far from an eco warrior, but I do care about the connectedness of the human race, and that we are all one upon this planet. The more people realise this, the more likely everybody is to do their own bit in their own way to preserve this world.

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The real culprit is our ego’s always demanding more from life, and we need to simplify our lives more and stop demanding to much from it.

A simpler life, a less demanding life, would help.

All I’ve done here is hopefully make you think how you can do your own little bit to preserve this human life.. A great way is just consume less.

When it comes to spirituality, I am not sure where it is heading? Yes, there seems to be a growing interest in spiritualism, however, the growth is not coming from the basic pure truths of being a spiritualist, it is more from the esoteric side of things, and leading people up the garden path and away from the simplicity of what being a spiritualist is.

Spiritualism is simple, and is purely about acknowledging your connection to other living things, the way you see them, the way you treat them, and the way you respect them, and how you value life itself on this human run planet.

Spiritualism, is also taking people away from the human aspect of this existance, with everybody looking for a spiritual answer to everything, when 9 times out of 10 the answer is purely human and in the way humans treat and respond to each other.

Remember you are Spirit having a human experience, so that experience you are having is first and foremost human, to teach you a lesson, so that you grow.

When things are going wrong or causing upset in your life, stop blaming heaven for it, and look a little closer to home,to those humans around you and how you yourself react to situations.

It is not compulsory that everybody is “Love & Light” not everybodies energy is vibrating on your level. Therefore, you wont be attracted to everybody, and like when you put two magnets together, some people you will actually repel and dislike.

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You are just being human!!, the thing you are here to be and learn about.

We are allowed to make mistakes during this existance, that’s how we learn, but when you make a mistake, learn to forgive yourself for making it, and let it go. Accept it was just a lesson to help you grow.

Being spiritual doesn’t mean you have to live life like a saint or a guru, being perfect in everything you do. None of us are perfect, nor will ever be, so just live your life being the best expression of yourself as a human you can be.

There are simple basic rules to being a good spiritual human being:-


1. Acknowledge your connection to all things upon this earth, and that you are one with the Universe.

2. Treat all and everything in the manner in which you yourself would want to be treated.

3. When you give,give of yourself willingly and with love, expect nothing in return.

4. Always try to live and be the best expression of yourself as a human you can be.

5. Remember you are neither above, nor below, any other human, we are all equal and of the same source, and you are responsible ONLY for the path YOU tread during this human existance, only you will walk in your shoes, others will walk in theirs.

6. Be love, where love is needed. Be compassion, where compassion is needed. Shine light, where light is needed. But be discerning in where you give these things, for not humans will have intentions as pure as yours, so give these things wisely.


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