We As Beings of Light Created The Universe

We As Beings of Light Created The Universe: Why does everything in this world, animate or inanimate, need to be respected? Because everything in this world has a spirit. Everything in this world that we interact with in our daily consciousness, from the stapler in your desk to the succulents in the garden, have been infused with our spirit.

What is the difference between a spirit and a soul?

This is not to be confused with having a soul. Your stapler, your car, your keys, they don’t have souls. It is not capable of carrying consciousness, and therefore, will not have any emotion. Whatever you do to it, it will not have an emotion over it. This is different from, say, a butterfly. When you touch it, it will respond. When you hurt it, it will receive hurt. A butterfly has a soul.


Although their response might not be very obvious on a human level, all creatures in this earth, no matter how primal or basic, still has a soul. Anyone who sends and receives information to the universe, which causes him/her/it to respond and react with an emotion has a soul.

The Value of the Spirit in the Inanimate

Whether one has a spirit or a soul, they should still be respected for spirit material is running through them. When they have been passed on through time, they carry with them the energy of the different owners and passersby who have interacted with them. This is what you call residual energy.beings of light 2

Residual energy is powerful. Residual energy allows one to be absorbed by another spirit through space and time. If you have instances where you see flashbacks, or dreams, or apparitions, or that feeling of familiarity or recognition towards someone from another time, but have never really met him, at least not to your knowledge, then his spirit may have transposed through time and space from the spirit energy that was stored in the object you both touched.

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The Beings of Light and Spirit that Made Everything You Know

Just because we don’t see it doesn’t mean that the spirit isn’t there. It resides in all types of matter, and is what holds it together. We all are beings of light. Everything is a light being. Everything that has a spirit is a light being. It just has a different frequency to them not seen, but felt. This is the relevance of light beings that carry and create.

Light, and spirit, and energy, were created all at the same time, and this is why they work in harmony with each other. Even as the universe and galaxies change, they all change with it, and that is why there is a continuity to the universe that allows humanity to evolve, and yet on a different plane, stay the same.


Why is it important then to keep the synchronicity? Because the universe works very hard to keep everything balance.

Man though works just as hard to alter it. By destroying Nature and everything that has a spirit, he has already altered the state of the universe. Instead of creating, he destroys. This is due to that feeling of separation. Humans feel away from their source. They create falsities about themselves that are in conflict with their true spirit. Even orders like religion or the government can contribute to the falsities that humans create around them. These often enforce with a state of fear and intimidation, instead of respect and recognition that everything has spirit.

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To keep the balance, other spirits and energies – the trees, rocks, minerals, animals – all send out a message to restore the Earth back to its original state. These are just as powerful because we all reside in the same realm. We are all equals as beings of light. Humans are lucky that there are others who are sending restorative messages to the universe.beings of light 3

We As Beings Of Light Are Awakening

Very often though humans will have this awakening, this state of mind that finally allows them to make that breakthrough. By going back to your true spirit, realizing that everything has spirit, you begin to become the light that you once was. You become an instrument of the universe. This is progress.

Trust what your inner spirit tells you. It will never lead you astray. Continue to make the right steps going back to your center. There, you’ll feel a deep security and equilibrium knowing that you are a light being. You created the universe. The universe flows through you.

We are all beings of light and one with the universe, what is your story on the spiritual journey?


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