I have been party to several conversations recently, around spirituality and beliefs, and would like to share for your comments.

The first question that has to be asked is what is a belief.


A belief is just something you say to yourself over and over, until eventually it becomes part of your identity, it becomes part of your life, it becomes part of your way of living.

It may have no real foundation or truths within it,in fact it could be a pack of lies, but if you say it often enough to yourself you will believe it to be your truth.

Please understand that in the beginning there was only the hebrew understanding of religion, a single belief, and today some 3000 years on, there are 4200 known religions on the planet, all “believing” that theirs is the only true religion, containing the only truths.

Some of them even condemning the others through their arrogance and narrow thinking.

My own spiritual truth of this is that, “All roads up the mountain, lead to the summit,” so no matter what you believe, they are all pathways to God, and we will all choose our own pathway to arrive at the summit, and arrive at our own understanding of God.


As a firm believer that all living things are connected, and that we are all a piece of a greater source energy from which all things were created, at least gives me some comfort in my beliefs, because many of my spiritual beliefs have been proven by science, not by fiction or storytelling.

Science can prove we are all just a massive energy source, we all contain over 70 Trillion cells held together by proteins generated from these cells, and that each cell contains 1.2 volts of electricity. So we are a power pack of over 70 trillion volts of electricity, with all these cells working in harmony run by our subconscious mind, our super computer.

All the cells out there in the Universe that make up the Universe are also connected by this energy, (and don’t forget that our universe is only one of the millions of universes) all acting and reacting to support all that is, so that it continues and expands.

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As we are all made up of energy, and another proven thing is that energy cannot die, it can only transmute, gives me a reasonable foundation to believe that we live on, long after this human body fails. Energy is also intelligent and has memory, again proven by science. Therefore, the possibility of communication between the human living form and the deceased human form can also reasonably be accepted as factual.

This brings me to the next point raised in these discussions, ” how do we know what we think we hear in our heads is communication with these external energy sources, or is it just a figment of our imagination, or even wishful thinking?” The truthful answer to this is that we don’t know! it is purely down to your personal belief.

All I do know, is that our internal energy source is in constant communication with all the external energy sources, and therefore, communication is totally acceptable.

Different energies operate on different frequencies and vibrations and what one person may identify or communicate with, another may not, and we call this alignment. When energies are in alignment or operating on the same frequency, then communication is more than probable. We call these external ex-human energies “Spirits,” and the basis of being a spiritualist is that you believe that communication with spirit is possible.

Now to another point discussed, was how do we know what to believe? And this is a big question.

The only answer I can give you is that you should only ever believe in that which is in alignment with your vibration, what feels right to you.

Just like how religions have expanded, so have the diverse avenues in spiritualism, particularly over the past 50 years and through the invention of the internet. If you go on You tube, you will find many different forms of spiritualism from the grounded to the bizarre, and from the believable to the unbelieveable. There will be people with one theory trying to disclaim another theory.

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There are mystics, guru’s, monks, spiritual, motivational speakers, sound healers, crystal healers, hypnotherapists, psychologists, yoga teachers, meditation teachers, etc, each commanding their own following, and each speaking their own truths.

To be a spiritualist does not mean that you have to take on board all these differing belief systems, so you just have to learn discernment. Just because it is on the internet does not make it truth, does not make it factual.


Each and every one of these spiritual avenues will have some truth within it that has been elaborated on overtime, sometimes blown out of all proportion from it’s original source, just like some religions.

Add to that, the over commercialism of spirituality that the internet has brought, my only advice to you, is to look, examine, and question it’s authenticity.

Take from it that which resonates with you, that which feels comfortable being part of your belief system and your ongoing truths. You don’t have to justify your truths and beliefs to anybody but yourself.

The fact is, if every human could accept each other’s right to our own beliefs, the world would be a better place, unfortunately, Ego always seems to kick in with humans wanting to be better than their neighbor and seemingly knowing more than them.

I acknowledge my truths and willing to share them, I don’t teach anybody anything, although hopefully I may open your eyes by taking you to a place of learning and let you discover for yourself your own truths from that place

Written By : Christopher A. Claxton   facebook.com

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