Benefits Of Waking Up At 3am – Perfect Time For Soul Work

Waking up at 3 am regularly can be frustrating, especially if you function particularly poorly on broken sleep. But did you know that there are benefits to doing this?

People who are undergoing awakening or ascension to new energy levels tend to wake up at 3 am regularly.


While it is always better to get a full, unbroken sleep, if you are waking up at 3 am every night any way you may as well get some benefits out of the situation.

3 am Is Connection Hour

When the world around you is deep in slumber, the energies that surround us become more active.

You can think of this as the main road. During the day there is traffic, the hustle and bustle and lots of noise and pollution.

But at night, the trail grows quiet and beautiful, and you can travel freely.


The energy activity peaks at around 3 am. Usually, you would be asleep, and these energies would be helping to craft your dreams.

But if you are awake, you will have to utilise the energy potential for yourself.

If you wake up at 3 am, you are best off using the time to meditate on any essential soul or telepathic connections in your life.

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By using up energy in this way, you will more easily be able to get back to sleep when you are done.

Creativity Peaks At 3 am

Ever wonder why the stereotype of the creative artist always has them sleeping in until the afternoon?

Chances are they have been up until the early hours on a creative streak.

The vibrations that link us with creativity peak at 3 am, meaning that we can access our most creative senses at this hour.

Burning the midnight oil may not be the ideal way to do things, but if you are up at that time anyway, then you may as well put it to some use.

If waking up at 3 am is regular for you, perhaps have a creative project you can delve into for a few minutes every night to help release this energy.

Tarot cards are an excellent choice for this, as it harnesses your creative mind to focus your latent psychic abilities.

Awakening At 3 am

Of course, there is a reason that you’re waking up at 3 am. That reason might be that you are closing in on a spiritual awakening.


When you are in the process of awakening, your vibrations are through the roof. With the peak at 3 am, this can quickly wake you from the deepest of periods of sleep.

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The telltale sign of this is if you feel “buzzy” or “hyper” when you wake up, and getting back to sleep is impossible.

If this is the case, then busy yourself with some spiritual endeavour to help move the process along.

Dream journaling is perfect for this purpose as it aids the process and can help you to ease yourself back into sleep.

Keep this journal and a pen or pencil by your bed, so you don’t have to get out of bed.

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