Dreams about eyes often have spiritual and prophetic meanings.

In the Bible, eyes symbolize various things: knowledge, truth, insight, understanding, intuition, and more.

In dream interpretation, eyes can carry a spiritual message from God or reflect one’s inner emotions and mental state.

Dreaming about Your Eyes

Dreaming about your own eyes typically symbolizes enlightenment or clarity on something that has recently vexed you.

It may also indicate that you are connected to a higher power, guiding you in the right direction.

Dreaming About Other People’s Eyes

In general, dreaming about other people’s eyes reflects how they feel towards or view you.

If someone appears to be looking at you with love and compassion in their eyes, this might represent an opportunity for reconciliation or forgiveness between the two of you.

Conversely, if their gaze is hostile or accusatory, this could signify a barrier between you or be a warning against possible betrayal.

Dreaming About Rolling Your Own Eyesroll eyes

Dreaming about rolling one’s own eyes might reflect feelings of frustration or helplessness within oneself.

It could indicate that something is not quite going one’s way, and a sense of resignation has set in, accepting that things will stay as they are until something changes further down the line.

Alternatively, it may signify a loss of faith in someone else’s judgment—like when a parent rolls their eyes at something their child does, indicating disapproval—which could be concerning someone close to you or yourself if this is an internal dialogue in your dreams.

Dreaming About Cat Eyes

Dreaming about cat eyes can symbolize cunningness and resourcefulness, as cats often rely on stealthiness while hunting prey.

It can suggest some heightened awareness that should be used going forward—whether this is on an emotional level, such as understanding others better before making decisions involving them, or on a physical level, such as being extra vigilant when out in public late at night.

Dreaming About Injured Eyes

Dreams about injured eyes represent vulnerability and insecurity, feeling exposed emotionally due to circumstances beyond your control caused by another person, for example, being taken advantage of financially or emotionally abused by someone close to them.

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Meanwhile, from an internal perspective, it can also signify self-doubt and low self-esteem getting in the way of achieving goals due to a lack of confidence to move forward with what needs doing, perhaps dreading failure too much, thus ceasing any attempts made altogether without even trying.

Dreaming About Eye Color

Dreams about eye color represent inner feelings and emotions that are being suppressed.

For example, blue eyes symbolize sadness; brown eyes reflect stability; green eyes denote jealousy or envy; and hazel eyes communicate internal conflict.

Dreaming of one’s eye color may signify that they need to open up more to express their feelings to those around them.

Alternatively, it could signal that someone close to them is not honest with themselves or their feelings.

Dreaming About Blue Eyesblue eyes

Dreaming about blue eyes represents sadness, often linked to loneliness and longing for something that cannot be fulfilled.

On a positive note, it can signify the yearning for a deeper understanding of life or the search for a higher purpose in connection with one’s spiritual beliefs.

Dreaming About Brown Eyes

Brown eyes in dreams can symbolize stability and reliability.

This could relate to one’s relationship with another person, indicating they are worth trusting. Alternatively, it may be seen as more of an internal message, pointing out that someone is capable of dependability if only they would give themselves more credit and believe in their abilities more.

Dreaming About Green Eyes

Dreams with green eyes usually signify jealousy or envy, which could be related to yourself – comparing yourself unfavorably to others – or towards someone else due to their success or attributes that you feel unfairly gained at your expense.

It’s important to remember that feelings like these should never be acted upon, as this is not conducive to living an ethical life.

Dreaming About Hazel Eyes

Hazel’s eyes in dream interpretation denote inner conflict between two opposing forces, mind and heart, present versus future goals, etc.

To break away from such circles of indecision, one must take ownership of the decision-making process and do what feels right after carefully considering all available options.

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Dreams involving eye color are a representation of how we feel internally and the emotions that are being suppressed.

They provide insight into our character, so we can better understand our motivations and make more informed decisions in the future.

It is important to be mindful of the symbolism associated with different colors, but we should never let them dictate our behavior; instead, use them as a source of guidance and self-reflection.


Q: What does it mean if I have bright eyes in my dream?

A: Multicolored eyes can symbolize the duality of a personality or a situation, the need for balance between two seemingly conflicting goals or opinions, and finding harmony and integration.

It may also indicate a person’s search for personal and spiritual growth or development.

Q: What does it mean when I dream about black eyes?

A: Dreaming about black eyes can suggest that one feels vulnerable and in need of protection; this could have been brought on by some fear or trauma they have experienced in their waking life.

Black eyes may also signify power, strength, and courage – due to their usually rare occurrence – which could signify that someone is ready to fight through any adversity thrown their way.

Q: Can dreaming about different colors reveal anything else besides emotions?

A: Yes, dreaming about eye color can also reveal other aspects of your life, such as career goals or current relationships you have with others, depending upon the individual’s interpretation of the dream and the connotations that certain colors have for them.

Q: Does eye color in dreams hold any cultural significance?

A: Yes, different cultures interpret eye color differently and often associate them with either good luck or misfortune, depending on what that particular culture holds most sacredly.

For example, some might interpret blue eyes as lucky, while another culture might view them as an omen of bad fortune ahead.