Have you ever woken up from a dream about a purse and wondered what it could possibly mean? 

Dreams often carry deeper meanings, especially when they feature objects we encounter in our daily lives. In many cultures, especially within a biblical context, deciphering these dreams can offer insights into our spiritual and emotional state. 

Today, let’s delve into the fascinating world of dream interpretation, particularly the biblical meaning of dreaming about a purse.

Short Answer

Dreaming about a purse often symbolizes aspects of identity, security, and resources. In a biblical sense, a purse can represent our spiritual wealth or poverty, our readiness to receive blessings, and our stewardship of personal gifts. It’s a reflection of what we value and how we manage our spiritual and emotional resources.

Symbolism of the Purse in Dreams

The Purse as a Symbol of Identity

In dreams, a purse can represent your sense of self and identity. Just as a purse holds personal items, in a dream, it may signify the personal traits and values you carry with you in your waking life. This can range from spiritual beliefs to personal strengths and weaknesses.

Security and Protection

A purse in a dream might symbolize your need for security and protection. It can reflect your inner feelings about how well you are safeguarding your personal space, emotions, or spiritual well-being. Losing a purse in a dream, for instance, could point to fears of losing control or security in some area of your life.

Financial Worries and Wealth

In a practical sense, a purse is often associated with money. Dreaming of a purse might reflect your anxieties or thoughts about financial stability. Conversely, it could also signify potential wealth, prosperity, and the ability to provide for your needs.

Personal Gifts and Talents

From a biblical perspective, a purse can symbolize the gifts and talents God has given you. The condition of the purse in your dream might reflect how you feel about your abilities and whether you are making good use of them.

Spiritual Wealth or Poverty

Dreams about purses can also point to your spiritual state. A full purse may symbolize spiritual richness and readiness to receive blessings, while an empty purse could represent spiritual emptiness or neglect.

Stewardship and Responsibility

The way you handle a purse in your dream can be indicative of your stewardship and responsibility in life. This could relate to how you manage your resources, be they spiritual, emotional, or material.

The Journey of Faith

Carrying a purse in a dream can also symbolize your journey of faith. It might represent the tools and resources you have or need on your spiritual path, including faith, wisdom, and guidance.

Relationship with God

The contents of a purse in a dream might symbolize what you treasure in your relationship with God. It could reflect your priorities, prayers, and the personal connection you have with your faith.

Decision Making

A purse can also symbolize the decisions you make in life, particularly those regarding your personal and spiritual resources. How you use or misuse the contents of the purse in your dream might reflect your decision-making processes in real life.

Readiness for Life’s Challenges

A packed purse might indicate that you feel prepared and equipped for life’s challenges. Conversely, a lost or stolen purse could suggest feelings of unpreparedness or vulnerability.

Reflection of Personal Integrity

The state of the purse in your dream, whether new and sturdy or old and worn, can reflect your sense of personal integrity and values. It might indicate how you view your moral and ethical standing.

Emotional Baggage

Lastly, a purse can represent emotional baggage. The size and weight of the purse in your dream might symbolize the emotional load you are carrying in your waking life.

Related Questions

What Does It Mean to Lose a Purse in a Dream?

Losing a purse in a dream can indicate feelings of loss or insecurity in your waking life. It might point to lost opportunities, financial worries, or a sense of losing one’s identity or spiritual direction.

Dreaming of an Empty Purse: Implications?

An empty purse in a dream can symbolize a feeling of emptiness or lack in some area of your life. This could be financial, emotional, or spiritual, indicating a need to replenish or refocus your energies.

Finding a Purse in a Dream: What Does It Signify?

Finding a purse in a dream can be a sign of new opportunities or blessings coming your way. It might indicate unexpected resources, whether spiritual, emotional, or material, that will soon be available to you.

The Significance of a Stolen Purse in a Dream?

A dream about a stolen purse might reflect feelings of vulnerability or a breach of trust in your life. It could point to fears of financial loss, identity theft, or spiritual attack.

What Does a Full Purse in a Dream Mean?

Dreaming of a full purse often symbolizes abundance and preparedness. It suggests that you are well-equipped for whatever challenges you might face and that you have abundant resources, be they financial, spiritual, or emotional.

Scenarios Related to Dreaming About a Purse

ScenarioShort Description
Finding a PurseDiscovering new opportunities or resources.
Losing a PurseFeelings of loss, insecurity, or vulnerability.
Stolen PurseFears of financial loss or breach of trust.
Empty PurseSpiritual or emotional emptiness.
Full PurseAbundance and preparedness in life.
Giving a PurseGenerosity or sharing of resources.
Receiving a PurseReceiving blessings or aid.
Damaged PurseConcerns about personal integrity or spiritual health.

Detailed Descriptions

  • Finding a Purse: This scenario often symbolizes discovering hidden talents, unexpected blessings, or new spiritual insights. It’s a reminder that sometimes, life’s greatest gifts come unexpectedly.
  • Losing a Purse: This can reflect a fear of loss in various forms – financial stability, personal identity, or spiritual direction. It’s a call to evaluate what truly matters in life.
  • Stolen Purse: Indicates feelings of vulnerability or a betrayal of trust. It can also symbolize spiritual attacks or challenges to your values and beliefs.
  • Empty Purse: Suggests a period of spiritual drought or emotional emptiness. It’s an invitation to seek fulfillment and purpose beyond material possessions.
  • Full Purse: Implies readiness and abundance. It suggests that you are well-prepared for life’s challenges and that you possess plentiful resources.
  • Giving a Purse: Represents generosity and sharing of blessings. It’s a sign of your willingness to support others with your resources or wisdom.
  • Receiving a Purse: Signifies receiving help, support, or spiritual blessings. It indicates that help is available, often from unexpected sources.
  • Damaged Purse: Points to concerns about your personal integrity or spiritual health. It’s a call to repair and restore aspects of your life that may be neglected or damaged.

Additional Symbols of Dreaming About a Purse

The Color of the Purse

  • Red Purse: Passion, energy, and action.
  • Black Purse: Mystery, sophistication, or potential hidden issues.
  • White Purse: Purity, new beginnings, or clarity.

The Material of the Purse

  • Leather Purse: Durability, tradition, or enduring values.
  • Fabric Purse: Flexibility, adaptability, or creative expression.
  • Metallic Purse: Strength, resilience, or unexplored talents.

The Size of the Purse

  • Large Purse: Abundance, preparedness, or burdens.
  • Small Purse: Simplicity, minimalism, or focusing on essentials.
  • Medium Purse: Balance, practicality, or managing resources effectively.


Dreams about purses are rich with symbolism and can offer valuable insights into our waking lives. Whether it’s about financial concerns, spiritual wealth, or personal identity, understanding these dreams can provide clarity and guidance. 

Remember, the interpretation of dreams is subjective and should be considered within the context of your personal life and beliefs. By exploring the biblical and spiritual meanings of purse dreams, we open ourselves to deeper self-understanding and spiritual growth.