Birthmark location meanings are used to help you to attain self-knowledge through symbolism.

Interpretation of marks and markings from birth has been practiced the world over, with every culture having some beliefs surrounding them.

Where you have these markings can tell you a lot about your strengths, weaknesses, and the challenges that will face you on your unique path.

Birthmark On Head Meaning

On the back of your head, this can represent a weakness of will and the need for special efforts to increase intent.

On the right side, you could have a distinctive career in public office or some other high profile position.

On the left side, it can be a bad omen of a lack of wealth and poor luck in relationships.

Other head birthmark location meanings:

On Forehead

If on the right-hand side of the brow, it signifies a great mind that is capable of achieving great things. You will be influential in academia; you are a deep and original thinker.

On the left-hand side, it signals extravagance and a lack of responsibility.

In the center, it means that you are particularly attractive as a person and will have no shortage of eligible suitors for your whole life.

On Eye

Around or on the right eye, this means that you will come into money that you did not have to earn. How you deal with this money will have a profound effect on who you become as a person.

Around or on the left eye, it signifies someone who might be a “womanizer” or “man-eater.”


An excellent sign, this signifies that you will succeed due to your sharp senses and acute wits.

It also foretells of many secrets that you will have to keep for others.

On Cheek

On the right, symbolizes commitment and drive in things that you are passionate for. It will come out in your work, but also in hobbies, family life, and social situations with friends.

It also signifies that you will have strong, healthy relationships and fall in love.

On the left, it indicates that you will suffer financial difficulties during your life that will lead you to hopelessness and depression.

It will be a significant challenge that you should prepare yourself to face.

On Nose

Indicates a creative and diligent person who has a dedication to their craft. Often artists and entertainers by nature rather than by ambition.

Also indicates an unpredictable personality. It helps to power the artistic expression inside and makes these people great to be around – until they aren’t so great to be around anymore.

On Lip

Signifies someone with charisma – a gifted speaker with powers of persuasion that can hold an audience on the edge of their seats.

Hair Birthmark Meaning

This type of marking leaves your hair grey or white.

It represents your great inner wisdom. You will be a beacon of knowledge and advice for those lucky enough to know you well.

Often these white hair stripes and marks are marks of witches (good ones btw).

Birthmark On Neck Meaning

On the front of the neck, this indicates health and vigor. You have a secure connection with your physical body so that you can pursue a career in fitness, modeling or athletics.

This can indicate mental fortitude instead, symbolising a towering intellect and great academic potential.

It is less favorable if it is on the back of the neck. Although you will have great success in your life and fulfill many ambitions, it will not be without sacrifice.

It is your family that will bear the brunt of your determination to succeed.

Birthmark On Back Meaning

You are not tied to your ego when others have something to offer.

You know that your way of doing things isn’t always going to be the best way, so you can take suggestions from others and feel fine changing your mind on a topic once you have realized you were wrong.

Birthmark On Leg Meaning

Symbolizes a lack of independence, a feeling that you will always be dependent on others even though you are capable of being incredibly strong on your own.

Other leg birthmark location meanings:

On Thigh

Foretells of money, wealth, luxury, and prosperity when present on either thigh.

It can also foreshadow a large family with a bright future.

On Foot

On either foot (including toes), this symbolizes the ingrained need for travel and adventure.

You value action and hate standing still. Talking about problems seems silly to you when you could be getting to work solving them.

On Heel

You will make friends easily for your whole life, but it will be just as easy for you to lose them – and make enemies in their place.

Birthmark On Stomach Meaning

Indicates a healthy ego that is prone to greed and gluttony.

While a healthy ego will help you to live with intent, in the long run, it will lead to more problems than it will ever solve.

Dealing with this will be a significant challenge for you.

Birthmark On Chest Meaning

The chest birthmark is often seen as a bad omen, bringing you bad luck and additional obstacles throughout your entire life.

On Breast

On the left, it is a sign of a robust heart and will be successful in following your ambitions.

On the right it represents good luck, though it can be an omen of poor respiratory health later in life.

Birthmark On Arms Meaning

For men, this usually signals that they lean towards domesticity and prefers to stay at home and look after the home and family.

For women, the opposite is exact, with them valuing independence – especially financially.

Other arm birthmark location meanings:

On Shoulder

On the right shoulder, the implication is one of good luck and fortune. You will be successful in your career and may come into a lot of hard-earned wealth.

On the left shoulder, it symbolizes lots of financial difficulties that you will feel inclined to sweep under the rug until it is too late to deal with it.

On Hand

You will develop a great skill that will earn you the respect of those around you. Master artisans, top athletes, and artists, as well as the world’s greatest thinkers.