If you are looking for birthmark meanings astrology, it may hold the answers you are seeking.

You might not think that birthmark meanings and astrology are closely related, but there is a strong link between the two, especially when it comes to your natal chart.

The link has a lot to do with energy and the environment around you as you develop during pregnancy.

Both your zodiac sign and your birthmarks can show dominant and recessive energy density in your subtle body.

Each sign of the zodiac relates to a different part of the body that becomes dominant within your personality.

When birthmarks match your astrology sign, you should pay attention as there is a special meaning behind them.

But astrology is more than just your Sun sign, and there are several other factors that come into play.

For instance, if you have a birthmark on the part of your body that relates to an opposing element that can indicate a conflict with your inner self.

You should also take into account your Moon and Ascending.

Birthmark Meanings For Astrology Signs

Look through the following list to see what your astrology sign says about your birthmarks and their meaning.

Remember that it is not just your Sun sign that affects you, your Moon sign also comes into play.

You could also look up the entries for your various planets and apply them in that way, but this requires a more in-depth and personalized look at your natal chart.


Birthmarks around the head and eyes are a great sign if your Sun is in Aries, indicating great success in academia or a complex skill.

It also suggests a perceptive person with high awareness.

However, if your Moon is in Aries, it can indicate health problems related to the eyes and brain.

You will probably have a lot of trouble with your Third Eye and find that you collect blockages faster than most.


If you have markings around your ears, neck, or mouth, then you likely have a Taurus in your natal chart.

If you were born under Taurus, then this indicates that you will have no problems expressing yourself.

For those with Taurus as their Moon sign, the opposite is exact.

You are in danger of missing out on opportunities through being afraid to speak up. However, this can power your artistic expression.


Birthmarks on the upper torso, shoulders, and arms are a great omen if your Sun is in Gemini as it indicates vitality and high energy – both of which help you to get after your goals with focus and determination.

But for those whose Moons are in Gemini, it can indicate problems with anxiety paralysis – the inability to move forward in life due to fear of making the wrong decisions.


If your Sun is in Cancer, then you should look out for birthmarks around the breasts, upper abdomen, and stomach.

Having marks in this area is a good omen that your powers of intuition will guide you to success and happiness.

But if your Moon is in Cancer, you should be warier as you will suffer from emotional instability.


Birthmarks on your back indicate mental strength and emotional stability if your Sun is in Leo.

You will also make loyal friends everywhere you go, and they will accompany you to success.

But if your Moon is in Leo you will find that the friends you make aren’t as loyal as you thought.

Be wary of putting too much trust in new friends, especially financially.


If you have a birthmark on a private area (or on your nose, as it happens) and your Sun is in Scorpio, then it indicates that you will positively reinvent yourself.

You will also have a satisfying love life with your partner.

But if your Moon is in Scorpio, you will move from relationship to relationship, never really finding one that works.


Birthmarks on the hips and thighs are good omens for those with Sagittarius as their Sun sign.

They indicate that you will see a lot of the world and experience all that life has to offer.

You should be careful if your Moon is in Sagittarius though. Your love of life may lead to excess, and this can harm you in the long term.


Birthmarks on your knees are an excellent omen for Capricorns, predicting success and recognition in your future.

Capricorns are rewarded for hard work with promotions and new opportunities.

But for people with their Moon in Capricorn, it can indicate that you will stick too strictly to the traditional way of doing things, or will be afraid to break the rules even when it’s the right thing to do.

Sticking to the rules can shut you out of opportunities that you might otherwise be able to take.


For birthmarks on your calf or ankle, the key is Aquarius.

For those with their Sun in Aquarius, this foretells a great fortune coming the way that will help you to provide for the rest of your life.

However, if your Moon is in Aquarius, then you will squander any money that you make on your vices.

You should be careful not to fall into gambling, alcohol, or drug problems.


For men and your birthmark is on the opposite side of where your heart is, but it’s in the same spot, for women, it’s on your right shoulder then you are a Virgo.

Your personality traits are:

  • inflexible
  • interfering
  • critical
  • hard-working, trustworthy
  • conventional
  • meticulous
  • dutiful
  • temperamental

You are also someone who is a perfectionist when completing a task or goal.

You will go to great measures in order to achieve your specific purpose. Even if it means going the extra mile, you will.

You are a highly private person and very suspicious of people’s motives.

You approach relationships from a cautious viewpoint that is on guard for any type of abuse or mistreatment by others. You expect to be taken advantage of or tricked.

Your life mission is to learn how to authentically connect with others and the lesson you’ve come here to master in this lifetime is your ability to trust other people unconditionally.


For men, your birthmark is on your left foot and for women, your birthmark is above your waist on the right side, then you mostly connect with Libra.

Your personality traits are:

  • charming
  • indecisive
  • affectionate
  • balanced
  • aloof reckless, and hasty

Although you have a charming and balanced personality, there are times when you seem to be aloof, reckless, and hasty.

Your inner desires are:

  • to be loved
  • for your lover to pamper you

loyalty from a long-term relationship or marriage, and have children when you’re older.

You want a secure home life in a peaceful environment. To achieve these goals, in a love relationship your best bet is to choose a partner who is loyal.


Finally, if your birthmark is on your feet, then the most important sign is Pisces.

If your Sun is in Pisces, then this is a good sign for your future as it indicates that you will be able to protect your energy from outside influence.

But if your Moon is in Pisces then you will be more susceptible to these energies.

You will need to have a strong meditation schedule to protect yourself from negative energy.


Birthmark zodiac signs are another way to look at the birthmark meanings and astrology.

The birthmark zodiac signs often reveal more about the individual’s personality than astrology alone, not only making birthmark meanings and astrology an interesting subject for those who believe in its power but also a potentially useful tool for those who would like to know their clients and patients better.