Birthmarks have long been seen as omens, symbolising the opportunities and struggles that the bearer will experience during their lifetime.

The type of birthmark and its shape do have a bearing on the meaning, but it is the location that nobody talks about.

One location that is common for birthmarks is the neck and birthmarks on the neck have a very particular meaning.

Birthmark On Back Of Neck

When a birthmark appears on the back of the neck, it symbolises a bit of a mixed bag for the bearer of it.

On the one hand, they will live a life of success. This might be as simple as achieving dreams and can vary from career goals to spiritual aims and everything in between.

This manifests as increased opportunities for growth, progression and evolution.

On the other hand, this success will have a price. Taking the opportunities that present themselves will often mean sacrificing family time, perhaps even forcing them to relocate and leave their family behind.

Usually, it is not so drastic, meaning that they merely work a lot and may need to ensure they are spending enough time with the family consciously.

Birthmark At Front Of Neck

By the front of the neck, we mean anywhere on the neck except the back.

Most often these birthmarks appear over the carotid arteries, which gives us some clue as to its meaning.

The core symbolism here is vitality, which can manifest in a few ways. However, they all run on the same theme – health, energy and vigour.

Someone with this birthmark might be suited to being an athlete or fitness model, or perhaps a personal trainer. They also often enjoy physical activities and often excel at yoga and other mind-body exercises.

This is not always the case. Sometimes the vitality symbolised is intellectual or mental vitality, signifying someone who will develop great intelligence or power of will and mental fortitude.

There are also a lot of connotations for health, with most being positive.

Taking Shape & Colour Into Account

Of course, you can’t know the full meaning of a birthmark by its location alone. Different shapes, colours and types of birthmark have different meanings all of their own, and how they alter the definition given by location are too many to list here.

However, we can offer some basic tips to help you discover the meaning of your birthmark:

Larger birthmarks amplify meaning. A large birthmark on the back of the neck might mean that you will spend most of your time away from your family while achieving your dreams.
Darker birthmarks tend towards negative symbolism. A dark birthmark on the front of the neck might signify a hypochondriac in the making.
Lighter birthmarks speak of old wounds yet to be resolved. A birthmark on the back of the neck here might symbolise regrets of neglecting family for work in a past life.

We hope that this short guide has helped you to discover the special meaning your birthmark on the neck has for you.