The birthmark on your stomach has meaning that relates to your spiritual state, your fate, and your ideal path through life.

The placement, color and shape of the birthmark are all important aspects that contribute to the meaning we can derive from it.

By taking these things into account, you can discover what the birthmark on your stomach means.

All birthmarks on the stomach and abdomen have meanings related to your solar plexus chakra and sacral chakra energy centers.

That means that common themes include independence, drive, willpower, personal identity, relationships, sensuality, emotions, and creativity.

These are the areas influenced by these chakras.

The first four of those themes belong to the solar plexus, whereas the latter four belong to the sacral.

If the birthmark is high on your stomach then it is more greatly linked to the solar plexus, and vice versa if it is below the bellybutton.

Let’s get on and talk about placement and how that affects the meaning.

Birthmark In Middle Of Stomach Meaning

Starting simple, if the marking is in the middle, then you will achieve the balance between the two related chakras.

Your desire for independence and to exercise your own will are finely balanced with your passion for relationships and teamwork.

You will also have a strong personal identity, but will not suffer too much from ego thinking and stubbornness.

Birthmark On Left Side Of Stomach Meaning

On the other hand, if it is on the left side, then you will struggle to find the independence you are craving, which can harm your sense of balance.

You will have trouble with bottling up emotions until you are fit to burst, especially when someone makes you feel worthless or unappreciated.

It can make relationships difficult, and you will find that you pick the bad ones more often than the good.

In a way, this is positive as these karmic relationships can help you grow.

There are also likely to be problems with intimacy.

Repression in this area is common and is an obstacle that you should try to overcome.

Birthmark On Right Side Of Stomach Meaning

If it is on the right side, then your problems will turn the other way too.

You are also out of balance and at risk of remaining there (or slipping back there) because of self-destructive behavior.

This behavior usually takes the form of self-obsession, ego thinking, and wild emotionality.

In men, this often turns into aggression, whereas with women, it is more likely to be upset.

You will have a challenge in retaining balance, but your main enemy will be yourself!

Allowing yourself to fall into ego thinking, stubbornness, and self-obsession will be your downfall.

However, this often lends itself to the creative arts. All the best artists are raving narcissists with ego problems, at least when they are doing their most exciting work.

Red Birthmark On Stomach Meaning

There are a few ways to interpret the color of your birthmark.

The red coloring is from increased blood vessel flow close to the skin.

It has been suggested that overactive energies cause this in the adjacent chakras.

Others say that it is a sign that you were burned in a past life.

It could be literal and therefore share much in common with other types of birthmark that indicate the cause of death in your past life.

Examples include torture wounds, hangman rope burns, stigmata and the like.

If the coloring would better be described as strawberry, then you are strongly linked to your sensuality and enjoy the pleasures of life.

You are prone to hedonism and greed, but also boost the energy and creativity of others around you.

Dark Birthmark On Stomach Meaning

A dark birthmark usually signals some negative energy source within the solar plexus or sacral chakra, generally stemming from a past wound that has not yet healed.

This past wound will have something to do with your sense of self and independence.

Were you controlled a lot as a child? Have you been in controlling relationships?

Are you unable to gain financial freedom? Do you get jealous a lot?

It could all contribute to harmful energy build up within your subtle body system.

A dark birthmark on your stomach is simply an indicator that this is a danger, so try to address any old wounds as quickly as possible.

You can’t get it to go away, so you may as well use it as a reminder that you are particularly prone to this type of negative energy and need to stay vigilant to remain balanced and well.

Light Birthmark On Stomach Meaning

Light or white birthmarks are related to spirituality, love the energy and the universal light.

These are linked more closely with your spirit/soul, and therefore can also indicate your death in a past life.

In the middle of the stomach, it could mean a shooting or stab wound in the area that caused your last death.

More likely is that it indicates a healthy lower chakra system.

Very common amongst those with high masculine energies, this tells of your need for physical work and action to plug into Source and boost your energy.

It is associated with a lack of fear and anxiety surrounding basic needs, including relationships.

However, you should be careful not to over-indulge and fall into patterns of greed and ego.

Other Factors

Other factors that you should take into account include size and shape.

Many shapes have their meanings; we have an article all about birthmark shapes and their meanings that you can read, please click this link.

In terms of size, bigger is usually more important. The larger the area that is marked, the more relevant the meanings become.

Likewise, smaller marks are likely to play a minor role in the outcome of your life and how you deal with it.