Black Aura Meaning | What Does It Mean?

Everybody has an aura. It is an energy field that extends out from your body.

We can tell a lot about how a person is feeling and what the universe has in store for them by its colour and appearance.

The black aura stands alone among the various colours as it is an entirely negative sign.

There are some misconceptions to clear up about what a black aura means for the person possessing it. Let’s start with the basics.

The Meaning Of A Black Aura

Our aura contains the energies that we put out into the Universe, and is mostly an expression of the spiritual energies that drive us each day.

Each is unique in its colour mix, but we can usually identify a predominant colour to analyse.

The black aura means that something is seriously wrong with the spiritual energies being put out. The darker the black and the more opaque the aura, the worse it is.

Black auras absorb energy, they suck and sap it up from elsewhere. It is pure negative energy and can spread to others whose auras mingle with it.

However, somebody who has a black aura was not born that way. It is a result of something else, a corruption of the spiritual energies they might naturally put out. Somebody with a black aura is in need of help.

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What Causes Auras To Go Black?

The root cause is usually hatred of some form. Most commonly, it is self-hatred.

This is a betrayal of the spirit, which naturally loves itself as much as it loves others.

This disconnect between the spiritual goals of the soul and the actions of the fallible human being can cause significant distress.

Contrary to popular belief in some circles, this aura does not make you a bad person.

As negative energy seeps into your aura, it turns black. This build-up of negative energy can result in depression, dark thoughts, malaise and anti-social behaviour.

How To Cleanse A Black Aura

It’s not easy to shake.

Like it or not, your aura contains energies that represent who you are right now. Someone with a black aura is in some way struggling internally with who they are.

The only way to cleanse this is to fix those things about yourself that cause you to be so negative towards yourself.

This is where spiritual practice comes in. Regular meditation, especially as part of a group of spiritual people, can help you to identify the karmic lessons that you still need to learn.

Those lessons will help you to achieve your potential – and hopefully help you feel self-love rather than self-hatred.

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And if it is not your karmic lesson but for someone else– resist the urge to avoid them.

This person may take your energy, they might be difficult to deal with for a while with little reward, but they are not bad people.

This aura type is the soul calling out for help. It is our duty as conscious beings in a conscious universe to spread love, unity and compassion – especially to those most in need of it.

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