Black cat dream meaning: Seeing black cats in a dream can mean a lot of things.

In this article, we’ll look at these dreams subjectively and draw out the most plausible interpretations.

Historically speaking, the visualisation of black cats in dreams is linked to an imminent threat.

People in the past used to believe that a dream involving a black cat is the harbinger of death and disaster.

However, contemporary interpretations vary considerably, and these are the ones that are more accurate.


To see a cat can mean a lot of things, including misfortune, independence, feminine sexuality and strength.

The interpretations can vary.

It could point towards an imminent betrayal from one of your closest friends or work colleagues.

A feisty cat in your dream could mean that you’re having problems with expressing your sexuality.

If a tail-less cat recurrently appears in your dreams, it might mean that you are losing control in your personal life.

Visualization of twin cats is a fair warning that you should strike a balance between individual and external needs.

If you’re hell-bent on fulfilling the needs of others, but show negligence towards your personal needs, you need to readjust your priorities.

If you’re desperately seeking your cat in your team, but are unable to locate it, it means you are caging yourself.

You need to set yourself free to regain lost inspiration. Black Cat Symbolism

You must gather the resolve to remove impediments to your spiritual and emotional progress.

To see a dream in which you’re saving a cat in danger means that you are shifting the tide in your favour.

You are reinstating your independence and emotional freedom.

Dreaming about a headless cat means that you have a false sense of freedom.

A dual-head cat suggests indecision; you are unable to decide about something.

A black cat in your dream indicates cynicism and waning psychic abilities.

Most probably, you’re gradually and subconsciously losing faith in your beliefs and stepping into a life of disillusionment.

A biting black cat in your dreams urges you to believe in your wild hunches, your intuition.

Don’t fear the consequences of your decisions.

Embrace the desires of your heart and plunge towards uncharted territories fearlessly and valiantly.

A white cat is a harbinger of difficulty, whereas a green cat suggests that jealousy is wreaking havoc in your relationships.

A cluster of cats aimlessly wandering in your dreams suggests misdirection in life.

You’re probably focusing on frivolous things and events rather than matters of substance.

According to one reading, seeing black cats in your dream may cause insecurity or lack of courage.

You might attribute every untoward outcome to misfortune.

Your mind might brood over things that are not under your control.

You envision a bleak future, one that corrupts your present. You might also consider yourself a victim of fate.

People often tend to think that the universe has a personal agenda against them and they often feel like this after seeing such misleading dreams.

If you see a bypassing black cat in one of your dreams, then it’s a warning.

You should refrain from conducting business in the upcoming days.

All the dealings you might make in the incoming days might end in total disaster.

Any business might financially drain you. You should take a break and wait for the inopportune weather to break out.

Another interpretation says that if you’re showing generosity to a black cat in a way then your kindness will be returned in the physical world.

For example, if you’re feeding it in your dream, then you might stumble upon a lottery or a significant profit in the not-so-distant future.

Some also say that this dream also floats the possibility of a surprise reunion with an estranged friend.

You might meet them out-of-nowhere and hit it off. A lost friendship might abruptly rekindle.

Petting a black cat in one of your dreams might mean that you need to be cautious of strangers in your life.

You must do whatever it takes to preserve your privacy.

If you don’t, you abusive relationships and manipulative people might come crashing into your life, without your consent.

You might even attract a creepy stalker who could develop an infatuation with your personal life.

If a black cat hurts you in your dream, then betrayal is on the cards.

Some of your most trusted friends might surprise you with an uncalled for treachery.

They might leave you on the ropes without any care in the world. It might also indicate a loss of trust in someone close to you.

You might come across something that would make you lose your faith in a close friend or sibling.

This could be your paranoia, but whatever it is, it’s crucial to unveil the secrets before they eat you alive.

Seeing a group of cats’ means that you’re going to make new alliances that are going to last for several years to come.

This is especially true if you recurrently see kittens in your dreams.