Black Cat Symbolism | What Does It Mean?

No domesticated creature holds more varied symbolic meanings than the black cat.

In nearly every society through history and spanning the globe, the black cat has been said to represent spiritual beings, good or bad luck (depending on circumstance) and omens galore.

So we’re going to do a quick rundown of the various symbolism of the black cat.

The Black Cat And Bad Luck Symbolism

Perhaps the most famous symbol of the black cat is that of bad luck.

A black cat that crosses your path might bring you bad luck, foretelling some bad omen that will soon become you.

On the other hand, this often depends on whether the black cat crosses your path from right to left – which is a bad omen – or left to right – which usually signals good luck!

In fact, very few cultures consider the black cat to be purely bad luck. Many say that the black cat can bring good luck or bad, depending on the circumstance and your response to the black cat.

So perhaps it’s best to be nice to that black kitty that keeps visiting your doorstep!

The Black Cat And Spirit Symbolism

Many cultures also claim more supernatural origins for the black cat.

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Particularly in eastern cultures, the black cat can be seen as a spirit guardian. This relates to the bad luck symbolism prevalent in the west as they are said to “soak up” bad luck as they visit, taking the burden for themselves.

Those who have the black cat as their totem may find that their higher self-incarnates as a black cat to provide them with guidance and protection.

It has also long been thought that black cats held the spirits of those who have passed with unfinished business, unable to reincarnate as a human.

This may be the origin of the negative symbolism prevalent around the black cat.

Using Black Cat Symbolism In Ceremony

There are a variety of ways in which you can use the black cat as a symbolic gesture that can enrich and improve your life.

For instance, if you are soon to be married, you might take a leaf out of the eastern book and have a black cat as part of the ceremony.

It has long been believed in some eastern cultures that presenting a newly married couple with a black cat will absorb any lousy luck headed their way and bless their union to be a long and happy one.

You might also give a black cat to someone who is very old or very ill, as it is thought that a black cat can help the transition from this life to the next – not to mention, they make excellent companions.

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Remember not to gift pets without asking first, though!

So those are the common symbolism of the black cat. Do you have experiences with black cats? Do you know of any different symbolisms or legends related to the black cat? Go ahead and share them in the comments!

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