For millennia, the blood moon has captivated cultures worldwide, symbolizing transformation and powerful spiritual energies.

What does the blood moon mean, and how can we use its energy?

Here, we explore what the blood moon means from a spiritual perspective.

Symbol of Change and Transformation

The blood moon is an important sign of change and transformation both individually and in collective societies.

This is because it symbolizes a significant astronomical event — when the Earth’s shadow completely blocks sunlight, causing a reddish hue to appear on the lunar surface.

This event also marks times of change in our lives and throughout history; its spiritual meaning goes further than just being associated with change.

Amplified Spiritual Energies

The blood moon brings amplified spiritual energies that can be used by those aware of them.

During this time, many people feel drawn to meditate or practice other forms of spirituality to tap into these energies, which can bring strong emotions or outwardly visible changes in one’s life.

It is important to note that any shifts felt during this time should be accepted with an open heart — any resistance will only make facing these changes harder.

Sign of Endings and New Beginnings

As with all beginnings, there must be an end; the same applies to endings, as they often bring about new beginnings in some form or another.

The same applies to the blood moon, too — while it may signify endings or losses, it will give rise to something new afterward.

It is important to honor this process without feeling guilty or ashamed over any past mistakes that made way for these changes.

Instead, take solace in knowing that endings will eventually lead us into better situations and experiences than those before them.

Connection to the Divine Feminine

The symbolism behind the blood moon further connects it with spiritual notions such as divine femininity and intuition — two aspects often intertwined due to their powerful connection between emotion and intuition, which have been traditionally associated with women throughout history (and even today).

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During times of a blood moon, individuals may feel more intuitive than usual; using this increased energy encourages growth on an inner level so that each person can align more fully with their true inner self.

Opportunity for Reflection and Introspection

No matter where one is spiritually when the blood moon appears, this event presents an opportunity for profound reflection and introspection regardless of whether one actively participates in formal practices.

Some things to think about are: “What do I need right now?” “What am I grateful for?” “How can I become more connected with my higher purpose?”

“What do I desire right now?” Meditating on these questions during a time like this can help us fulfill our potential inwardly and outwardly during 2023 – bringing forth positive changes in our lives while leaving anything unnecessary behind too!

Mystical Powers

The blood moon is associated with mystical powers and can represent a time when one can unlock their true potential.

During this period, they can access higher planes of consciousness since the energies surrounding a blood moon connect our physical and spiritual selves.

Manifesting Dreams

Throughout history, people have looked towards the power of the blood moon as a sign from the divine to help manifest their dreams and desires into reality.

This is because the energies connected to this phenomenon can inspire individuals, encouraging them to take action toward their goals and ambitions.

Protection from Negative Forces

The dark reddish hue accompanying a lunar eclipse also carries protective properties that defend us against negative elements — whether physical or spiritual.

This protective energy is especially potent during periods of change; use it wisely to keep your aura strong during times of doubt, fear, or uncertainty.

Connecting with Ancestors

A blood moon also is a strong reminder that our ancestors are never far away, despite being unseen.

During these periods, many people feel an increased sense of connection with their ancestry — allowing us to draw upon ancient wisdom so we may live fuller lives today and make better decisions.

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Blood Moon Meaning in Native American Culture

Native American cultures have always revered the blood moon and seen it as a sign of spiritual awakening and connection with the divine.

It can symbolize transformation and even hope — as a reminder that no matter how bleak our circumstances may seem, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

During these times, many indigenous people would gather to honor their ancestors and participate in ritual ceremonies to use the energies present during this time.

Blood Moon Meaning in Astrology

In astrology, lunar eclipses signify changes on personal and global levels due to the strong connections between celestial events and everyday life.

These periods of change can bring about exciting new opportunities and difficult challenges; engaging with these energies fully allows us to access deeper truths about ourselves that we may not have been aware of before.

Blood Moon Superstition

Not surprisingly, superstitions around blood moons exist too.

Such beliefs include things like pregnant women avoiding going outside during an eclipse or predicting upcoming weather patterns based on their duration.

While these are all interesting byproducts of having centuries-old myths surrounding such phenomena, they’re best taken with a grain of salt.

Blood Moon Meaning in Relationships

Lastly, some also believe that relationships may be affected by a blood moon depending on one’s circumstances — anything from marital issues being resolved during this period to starting conversations about deep topics you wouldn’t want to talk about normally.

Whatever your situation may be, embracing any emotions or insights drawn forth by this event will help bring clarity into your life moving forward.


In conclusion, lunar eclipses — specifically blood moons — are astrological events that ancient and modern societies have attributed many meanings.

Themes such as personal transformation, manifesting dreams, connecting with ancestors, and even superstitions often come into play when discussing blood moons.

Even if you don’t connect with the spiritual aspects of this phenomenon, taking a moment to appreciate the beauty of it all is a worthwhile endeavor.