When you look at the colour blue, it can quickly bring images of a calm blue ocean. Blue is peaceful and quiet. As a blue aura person, you enjoy peace because you are calm and relaxed.

Even when things are stressful and everything seems to overwhelm your mind. Your aura still radiates a serene, peaceful blue colour.

As a blue aura person, you are good at finding ways to relax, and you never let demands of life affect your positive aura.

Blue: The Colour of Balance

You always find ways to stay grounded and centred, no matter how life seems to confuse you. Blue is the colour of strong people who are born survivors. It is a stable and relaxing colour that can calm your nerves and help you achieve a peaceful mind.

The colour blue also symbolises intuition and unconditional love.

Blue Aura People Personality Traits

People with a blue aura personality serve and love people. You have the notion that everyone is here to love and take care of each other.

You believe that people should spend less time feeling angry. The only things that matter in this world are love, and for everyone to practice kindness.

Blue aura people are friendly and introverted. You are quite shy, to begin with, but you always become more confident and a great friend. You are more open the more people spend time with you.

Kind and Loving

You are very sincere, kind and loving. You are that person who makes sure people are doing okay; you have a genuine interest in them.


Another one of your personality traits is that you are very nurturing. You take good care of your family and friends. You make sure everyone has what they need, and you are there for them.

Give The Best Advice

People always come to you for advice. You always give the most thought out and logical view of things, and they find comfort in you. They know you will be there for them.

One of the reason is that you are trustworthy. People can tell you something in confidence and know you will keep their secrets.


You are a very patient person. Your kindness and encouragement allow people to be free from worry. People are more relaxed, calm and they often open up to you.

Intuition and Emotions

You are someone who develops their ideas through feelings and intuition. You are an emotional person rather than an intellectual.

Very Social

You have the gift of making people feel relaxed and comfortable; it is natural for you to seek connections. Being social and outgoing is second nature to you.

Blue Aura People Love And Romance

As a lover, you are protective, caring and supportive. You are very loving, and show how much you love your partner.

You are happy to do the chores, freeing up time so that both of you can relax and spend time together. You take them to meaningful places and love to spend time with friends and family.

You love with all your heart, and you make sure your partner is happy with you.

Blue is also the colour of families. Your family is important to you, so you prioritise them above anything. Even when you are busy, you always have time for them. You keep your professional and personal life separate, allowing you to maintain balance.


As a blue aura person, you are calm and relaxed, blue is the colour of balance. Knowing these traits allows you more insight into your personality. It can serve as a reminder when life is not treating you well, to remember to bring balance again.